Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Julie Struck: Award Winner

Artist Julie A. Struck is one of five award winners in Still Point Art Gallery's current exhibition: Still Point V. Her piece, Semesterland, won the award for Best Three-Dimensional or Mixed Media Artwork. 

Julie A. Struck, Semesterland.

Semesterland integrates photography and digital artwork to create an image ripe with nostalgia and feelings about recollecting one’s childhood—whatever that childhood may have involved. Essentially Struck uses a mixture of new, old, color, black and white, and faded pieces to create an image that engages the feelings of the viewer. Of this process, Struck says it “involves assembling disparate and fragmentary memorabilia such as meaningful phrases, photographs, images from old women’s magazines, and antique dress pattern pieces, which I then rearrange, layer, and piece together into a new cohesive whole that visually communicates forbidden, frequently terrible, yet always redemptive stories.” 

Struck focuses largely on American culture and its incorporation of women, which also highlights her own personal story. A recent three-year-long hiatus from teaching surprisingly resulted in a memoir about connections between her difficult academic career and an abusive childhood, and how both have affected her life. In its summer 2013 issue, Still Point Arts Quarterly published Struck's piece, "Art Education," which is her first published excerpt from the memoir she has been writing.

Julie A. Struck is an interdisciplinary, mixed-media artist. She currently lives in Rockport, Indiana, having been born and raised in the Chicago area. After becoming a mother and wife, Struck earned her M.F.A. and became a college art professor. She has taught at several midwestern higher education institutions and recently took a break from teaching to pursue her own interests and artistic endeavors, including writing a book. 

Struck’s work, along with that of twenty-nine other artists, may be viewed until July 31st in Still Point Art Gallery’s exhibition: Still Point V.

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