Monday, June 29, 2015

Art Magazines to Merge

Beginning with the upcoming fall 2015 issue, Stone Voices and Still Point Arts Quarterly are merging to form one quarterly publication focused on art, nature, and spirit. 

Started in fall 2011, Stone Voices was about the connections between art and spirituality, the role that art plays in understanding the journey of our lives, and the role that spirituality plays in making art. Started in spring 2011, Still Point Arts Quarterly is focused on art, artists, and artistry. By bringing the two publications together and adding the component of nature, we have a publication focused on what might be the essential building blocks of the creative and inspired life.

Art, nature, and spirit — could they be the holy trinity? It's hard to imagine art without nature, hard to imagine nature without spirit, hard to imagine spirit without both art and nature. Our new publication, continuing use of the title Still Point Arts Quarterly, will celebrate these connections that are avenues on the way to peace, joy, and gratitude.

Stone Voices columnists, Peter Azrak, Vincent Louis Carrella, and Leslie Ihde, will continue writing their highly regarded columns for Still Point Arts Quarterly.

A preview of the fall 2015 issue will be available soon. The new publication will be slightly smaller in size so readers may easily put it in a bag or purse for reading while on the go. It will also be a longer publication than the current 110 pages to make room for the wider variety of topics to be covered. Each issue will include portfolios of contemporary artists as well as articles, essays, fiction and poetry. As has been the case with both publications, Still Point Arts Quarterly will be beautifully designed and produced with numerous full-color images, a genuine merging of text and image.

Produced by Shanti Arts LLC, Still Point Arts Quarterly will continue to be available in both print and digital formats. Both formats may be purchased on our website, while digital editions are also available through MAGZTER.com, OWNZONES.com, Apple Newsstand, and several other online retailers of digital content. The publication is indexed for information databases through EBSCO. 

Past issues of Stone Voices may be purchased as long as they are available. Please visit the Stone Voices website.

Go to the Still Point Arts Quarterly website.

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