Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Robert McGowan: Understanding

Anchise Picchi, The Flying, 1982
 I have since youth endeavored dutifully to ascertain whether thinking is better than feeling or feeling better than thinking. I know now that it's a false problem, that feeling and thinking merge into one another and that, though each has exclusive properties, feeling can strengthen thought and thought deepen feeling. And so I have ceased being sheepish about feeling.

I believe now that any human activity that does not derive of an awareness of mystery, any art that does not evoke mystery, any contemplation that is not of mystery is puny and trivial by comparison with those exercises of human mind and hand in which mystery is felt.

There is nothing of any kind whatsoever that we can know absolutely about which we can have final certainty. Over everything, enwrapping all of our thought and all of our awareness, is at last only wide mystery.

~ Robert McGowan, Current, Shanti Arts Publishing (2013)