Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Patricia Steele Raible: Looking Through the Mirror

The work of Patricia Steele Raible is featured in the summer 2015 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly

Initially Raible worked only in collage, creating abstract images with paper and sewing. But her interest in surface design and texture grew, and she began experimenting with different types of materials. She now works primarily on wooden cradles, developing both visual and tactile texture that is multi-layered and fragmented. 

Raible’s inspiration comes from reading, writing, and observing. As she attempts to make sense of the world through her art, words and symbols continue to be important and are often found in the writing on the sides of the cradles, in the pages torn from old books, or in the fragments hidden beneath multiple layers of paint.
Art is how I make sense of the world; the “making” process is what saves me. By making art, I am encouraged to turn things over and look at them differently, to explore ideas and confront questions, both directly and in terms of their impact on individuals, including myself and my family. When words aren’t enough, art allows me to speak in textures, lines, and colors.
Raible lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

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