Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Leslie Ihde: The Image in Reverse

The upcoming summer issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly features an article by Leslie Ihde, "The Image in Reverse."

When carving linoleum for printmaking, the image created is the reverse of the one seen on the completed print. The artist learns to think in negative space. Cut away what you want to see and flip it over. It is funny how different a moon over the right side of an image looks from a moon over the left.

Leslie Ihde is a psychotherapist, artist, and spiritual teacher. As an adolescent, she attended just three Quaker meetings, but they made a lasting impression on her. Too young to drive and unable to persuade her mother to drive her to the meetings regularly, she did not encounter another rich spiritual influence until college. There she met a mystic who was to become her mentor for some thirty years. Leslie offers guided spiritual self-inquiry, drawing inspiration from the Quaker meeting, Zen Buddhism, Socratic philosophy, and mysticism. She writes a regular column for Stone Voices titled "Art and Spiritual Self-Inquiry." She lives with her husband and their golden retriever in upstate New York.

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