Thursday, April 30, 2015

Laurie Schreiber: Sharon Arnold Captures a Fantastical World

Laurie Schreiber's article about artist Sharon Arnold is featured in the upcoming summer issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly. Here is an excerpt from "Sharon Arnold Captures a Fantastical World."
Arnold’s approach to photography hasn’t changed in essence since she was a child, when she wielded a Brownie camera and sourced materials for dioramas at her father’s junkyard. As a young adult, she turned to creative writing, but in 1988, she again picked up a camera. She immediately returned to the diorama concept to create twilight or fairy tale worlds “hoping it will seem strangely familiar,” she wrote in her biography. . . .

"Queen of Hearts: Queen for a Day, 1958" is a triptych of begowned and polka-dotted figures, arms and eyes upraised in supplication. The image is a tribute to Arnold’s mother and her older brother, Chucky, who died that year at age eight in a bicycle accident. The title of the image comes from a 1950s television game show of the same name. Contestants, mostly women, talked about hardships in their lives; judged by an applause meter, the woman who had the most tragic story won prizes.

Laurie Schreiber is a freelance writer living in Bass Harbor, Maine.

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