Friday, February 13, 2015

40 Years in Soho: Ross Neher

Famed New York City artist, writer, and teacher Ross Neher writes about his forty years living in Soho in the spring 2015 Still Point Arts Quarterly. From its manufacturing days to its celebrated lofts, art galleries to high fashion boutiques, Neher has seen it all in Soho.

Galleries multiplied like tenth graders with calculators; by 1988 there were over 250. Everyone with a trust fund seemed to open one, regardless of whether they could tell a Rembrandt from a rutabaga. Jerry Joseph, who had a frame shop in Soho, opened Jerry’s, a hip restaurant in what was formerly a greasy spoon. It quickly became known as the place for “power” lunches. Now it’s a Michael Kors outlet.

Ross Neher is a New York artist whose shows have been reviewed byThe New York Times, Artforum, and Art in America. His essays on art have been published in Artforum, Arts Magazine, Art Criticism, andAcademic Questions. He is the author of Blindfolding the Muse: The Plight of Painting in the Age of Conceptual Art and is an adjunct professor in the M.F.A. program at Pratt Institute where he has taught for thirty-three years. Currently, Neher is writing a book on the confluence of art and business and working on video projects.

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  1. As the author of the article, I'd like to point out a factual error that was not in the original ms but somehow made its way into the published version. The sentence that begins "Another milestone..." on page 58 should not be there. In its stead should be "Though Soho was spared total destruction, it was to be severely mutilated." That refers to a plan for a 10 lane expressway to run through Soho - a plan that was rejected. Soho was not mutilated; it was and is an intact neighborhood.