Sunday, November 23, 2014

Speed Graphic: November 2013, James Silas Rogers

"Speed Graphic: November 2013," by James Silas Rogers, is featured in the winter 2014 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly.

One drizzly Saturday afternoon I received an unexpected call from Dick Parker, a retired newsman whom I know slightly, chiefly through my mother. As young widows together, his mother and mine had been very close. At some point about thirty years ago, my mother—knowing that Dick was not merely a camera buff but a collector and a professional photojournalist—gave him my father’s Speed Graphic. Dick was calling on this November afternoon to ask if I would like it back. 

I did, of course. It never occurred to me to decline. The camera had been a feature of my childhood. Its appearance signaled that this or that event was a special occasion and that the day needed to be recorded in a more than casual way. This was the camera that recorded me in my First Communion whites. The camera that took a picture of the four Rogers children, all in their jammies, looking up at the Christmas stockings, which became our family Christmas card in 1957.

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