Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Peggy Klineman: Meditation Paintings

The work of painter Peggy Klineman is featured in the winter 2014 issue of Stone Voices.

I began doing Meditation Paintings/Artwork as a creative exercise. But it soon evolved into a practice. My methodology has changed some over the years, but my current practice is as follows: I begin by preparing my art materials. Then I meditate for thirty to forty-five minutes, following my breath. Afterwards, I leave my cushion and go to my drafting table to begin painting. I approach the prepared paper non-judgmentally, allowing the mark making to fluidly progress. I allow my authentic self to manifest on paper. I accept the change each mark makes and build upon it. I try not to edit nor get attached to what materializes. I let the work unfold. When the moment feels right, I stop. Only then do I study and edit what I have done.


  1. Interesting.
    In a few days I will be joining an art retreat that will include meditation...

  2. This painting is stunning, Peggy, an inspiration for those of us who meditate and also paint.