Thursday, October 09, 2014

Hadass Shereshevsky: Art, Nature, Spirit

Still Point Art Gallery’s current exhibition, Earth Water Fire Air: Our World in Abstract includes a series of images by photographer Hadass Shereshevsky entitled Creation of Woman.

The essence of my artwork is fire—the flame of the havdalah candle, over which a blessing is made at the end of the Jewish Sabbath to distinguish between the sacred and the secular, between light and darkness. My photographs track the unceasing changes that occur in flames. “Sculpted” within the flames is a resemblance to the image of a woman and a hint at coupling and love. The character and vitality of femininity, as well as of the physical and spiritual bonds between Woman and Man, are uncovered and captured.

So, it started with a flame. Shereshevsky saw a revelation in the flame—the ever-changing nature of flame pointed to the strength and vitality of Woman and the power of physical and spiritual bonds between Woman and Man.

At work here are nature, art, and spirit. Nature unites with art to reveal spirit.

Christine Cote
Shanti Arts

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