Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Serpent Box: A Book with a Soul

Serpent Box, a novel by our own Vincent Louis Carrella, who writes a column for Stone Voices, has been on my reading pile for a few years now. Earlier this month, while getting ready to head out to spend a few weeks in the north Maine woods, I snatched it from its temporary resting place and put it in my bag. It was a great decision.

The book is a gem. I love a book with a soul, a book whose words wrap themselves around me in a tight embrace and won’t let go, a book that greets me in the morning while I’m sipping tea, and a book that provides me with my last thoughts before falling asleep for the night. Serpent Box has a soul. Here's a snippet:

Baxter once said that a man in the woods was about the purest thing there was in the world, and the closest he could come to knowing God. A man can never buy with money this thing that the Lord gave him for free, he said. That sense of awe and respect one derives from the trees and the earth and all things that dwell in between them. He told Jacob that poetry was all around him, in the grass and on the surface of the leaves, and that the Bible was full of good words designed to mimic what could never be written, but could sometimes be heard and always seen—the rising water, the falling rain, the rush of river and wind, the passage of cloud banks and great ruminant herds, buffalo and elk and the trailing packs of carnivores, both man and wild dog, wanderers all, in endless migration to the grasslands that feed them. He told them that magic is neither myth nor mystery but that which cannot be explained or understood—which is how the world was and should always be. There’s magic in a caterpillar, he told him, and in an acorn and behind the stars. His ancestors had understood this. They worshipped the forest as some white men worship God He had only come to know and love God through time spent in the woods . . . .

Christine Cote
Shanti Arts 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Zoey Frank: Distil

Zoey Frank, Vigil, 2013.

The work of painter Zoey Frank will be featured in the upcoming winter 2014 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly. Frank's work is brilliantly composed and rich in its portrayal of subject and emotion. Her use of color and her understanding of light and shadow are exquisite.

Frank was born in Boulder, Colorado in 1987. She completed four years of classical atelier training under Juliette Aristides at Gage Academy of Art in Seattle and received her M.F.A. from Laguna College of Art and Design. She has received numerous honors and awards for her work. 

The paintings are studies of how light falls across form to reveal volume, and they explore the nuances that are possible within a neutral color palette. I worked primarily from direct observation and tried to capture the changes I observed in my subjects over time. In some of these paintings, I began to explore personal life experiences through allegory.
Frank lives in Laguna Beach, California. Her featured portfolio is called Distil

Christine Cote
Shanti Arts

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Hadass Shereshevsky: Art, Nature, Spirit

Still Point Art Gallery’s current exhibition, Earth Water Fire Air: Our World in Abstract includes a series of images by photographer Hadass Shereshevsky entitled Creation of Woman.

The essence of my artwork is fire—the flame of the havdalah candle, over which a blessing is made at the end of the Jewish Sabbath to distinguish between the sacred and the secular, between light and darkness. My photographs track the unceasing changes that occur in flames. “Sculpted” within the flames is a resemblance to the image of a woman and a hint at coupling and love. The character and vitality of femininity, as well as of the physical and spiritual bonds between Woman and Man, are uncovered and captured.

So, it started with a flame. Shereshevsky saw a revelation in the flame—the ever-changing nature of flame pointed to the strength and vitality of Woman and the power of physical and spiritual bonds between Woman and Man.

At work here are nature, art, and spirit. Nature unites with art to reveal spirit.

Christine Cote
Shanti Arts