Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fascinating Photography: The Work of Gary Engle

Gary Engle has exhibited his work with Still Point Art Gallery numerous times. Most recently, he submitted several images from his Rocky River series. The exhibit is titled Earth Water Fire Air: Our World in Abstract, and Engle received the award for Best Portfolio. 

What is it about black and white photography? It removes the distraction of color. It makes the vast number of variations between black and white the most important thing. And the magic lies within and between those variations—how they are placed, the pattern they make, the soft or hard transitions between them. Perhaps nowhere is this more fascinating to observe than in the work of Gary Engle.

             [top left] High Water, [top right] Low Water, [bottom] Wet Edge.

             Christine Cote
             Shanti Arts

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fall...What a Glorious Season

It's been a good summer...not too hot, not too terribly busy. Time to enjoy everything around me...my new puppy, my beautiful flowering shrubs, the mounds of ferns in the woods, family and friends. But summer in Maine always goes so fast. Spring doesn't seem to end until July 4th, and then by mid-August, the shadows are long, the leaves start turning, and the cicadas are buzzing in the trees—sure signs that fall is almost here. 

Today was a glorious day, the kind of day that ends with a warmth in your heart and a smile of contentment on your face. I got some editing done, worked in my yard pulling weeds and clearing out brush, wrapped some presents and made a cake for my friend whose birthday we will celebrate tomorrow, and sat on the deck answering email and watching my dogs chase each other around in the woods. It was warm, but not too hot, and there was a strong breeze coming out of the northeast that felt so good. I can't count the number of times I said, "It feels like a fall day."

Then, no coincidence, I'm sure, I pulled up the website of one of our artists, Susan Landor Keegin. Susan has exhibited her work numerous times at Still Point Art Gallery, and her work was featured in the summer 2014 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly. I went to her site today to check the titles of a few paintings that will appear in our upcoming winter issue, and saw this lovely image...

Glorious fall, with its reds and golds, crunchy leaves, cool temperatures, and earthy smells. Pure delight. I easily imagine myself in this splendid landscape, enjoying it with every one of my senses and breathing it into my pores. Fall...what a glorious season. 

Christine Cote
Shanti Arts