Friday, February 14, 2014

Dave Clough, Rockland, Maine

Rockland, by Dave Clough
I've been to Rockland many times. It's a lovely little town on the Maine coast about an hour northeast of where I live—right up Route 1. Rockland is just southwest of Rockport, which is just a bit southwest of Camden, and I really love this beautiful area of Maine. Small towns with lovely old homes, numerous art galleries, a few great bookstores, some fabulous restaurants—plus the salty Atlantic on one side and the Camden hills on the other. 

This building that stands so prominently in Clough's photograph is a charming feature of Rockland. I've been in the little cafe right on the corner several times. There's also a terrific restaurant right around the corner called Cafe Miranda. About three blocks up the street is the famous Farnsworth Museum, a center for American art, in particular, work of the Wyeth family. Up in Rockport is the home of Maine Media Workshops, where photographers and filmmakers come from around the world to teach and inspire students of these art forms; I've spent several incredible weeks there over the years absorbing all I could from such great photographers as Douglas Beasley, Andrea Modica, Terry Abrams, and many others.

This image by Dave Clough, himself a resident of Rockland, earned Clough the award for Best Photograph in our current exhibition, Landscapes by Day - Landscapes by Night. This image captures this important building and the entryway to Main Street, Rockland, in a most spectacular way. 

See more of Clough's work on his website.

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