Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Ekaterina Bykhovskaya Receives Best in Show-Portfolio

Photographer Ekaterina Bykhovskaya is one of five award winners in the newest Still Point Art Gallery exhibition: Still Point V. Bykhovskaya’s work is from her creative and provocative series: Jerusalem, Old City. Of the work, Bykhovskaya said she wished to capture the “singular atmosphere of the old city of Jerusalem.” The portfolio is made up of pairs of images, one containing the people of the city and one void of human beings, showing merely what is left in the absence of people. Set amongst a background of the old walls of Jaffa, the stark comparison between humans and their constructs as well as the black and white composition offer the viewer an ethereal, mysterious glimpse of how contrasting this famous city can be. 

Jerusalem, Old City, 1
Jerusalem, Old City, 2

Ekaterina Bykhovskaya was born in Moscow, Russia and currently lives in Strasburg, France. Her world travels inspired her to learn more about the art of photography. She took her first course several years ago at the London School of Photography. Since having taken that course, she has sought to focus less on making her photography about travel and more a way to convey her feelings and emotions surrounding her subjects. 

Bkhovskaya received the award: Best in Show-Portfolio. Her work, along with that of twenty-nine other artists, may be viewed until July 31 st in Still Point Art Gallery’s online exhibition: Still Point V.

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