Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Anthony R. Whelihan - Best Single Image

Anthony R. Whelihan is one of five award winners in the latest Still Point Art Gallery online exhibition: Still Point V. Whelihan won Best in Show-Single Image for his mixed media piece, Latter Day Geisha

Whelihan is chiefly a portrait artist who believes everyone shows their life on their face. He typically uses bold primary colors into his work and says, “color can alter mood and can excite imagination, enticing the viewer to look beyond the surface.” Latter Day Geisha is an amazing piece of art, displaying a courageous use of vibrant color, imaginative design, and a striking interpretation of subject. 

Anthony R. Whelihan is a well-known national artist. He has done commissioned work for the NFL alumni organization, the United States olympic ski team, Nobel conference XXXII, the Minnesota Vikings and Timberwolves, and many other national and local organizations. Whelihan's work has been widely exhibited and has earned him many awards. 

Whelihan has five images in the Still Point V show. His work,  along with that of twenty-nine other artists, may be viewed until July 31st in Still Point Art Gallery’s online gallery.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Call for Artists: Interiors

Still Point Art Gallery announces its next online exhibition and magazine showcase - Interiors.

  • Deadline for entries is Monday, July 1, 2013
  • Selected entries exhibited online August 1 through October 31, 2013
  • On September 1, 2013, the fall issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly will be released; selected artists featured in this issue

Cottage, rustic, contemporary, southwestern, or yard sale. We spend most of our time inside our homes, workplaces, and other spaces, and how and with what we choose to occupy these spaces matters—to most of us. Perhaps we strive for comfort; perhaps we want to show off our riches; maybe our goal is to live in a way that reflects our values; some of us want to create an environment of good design and good taste. Whichever it is, interiors are worth a good look.   

Selection and Awards

Thirty (30) artists will be chosen for the exhibition, making selection competitive. Selections will be made by the editorial staff of Still Point Arts Quarterly. All selected images will appear in our online gallery, and at least one of each selected artist’s works will be printed in the Fall  2013 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly.

Five (5) awards will be given: Award for Best in Show (Single Image); Award for Best in Show (Portfolio…Three or More Images; Award for Best Photograph or Digital Artwork; Award for Best Painting; and Award for Best Three-Dimensional or Mixed Media Work. Each award recipient will be invited to exhibit his or her art for one year as a Gallery Artist; and is invited to submit a portfolio for publication in Still Point Arts Quarterly, which comes with an honorarium of $100, one year of free advertising worth $180, and a free one-year subscription to the Quarterly worth $36. Also, the exhibition and its award recipients are advertised on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and our Blog. Press releases are submitted to worldwide information feeds through several major press release distribution services.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Ekaterina Bykhovskaya Receives Best in Show-Portfolio

Photographer Ekaterina Bykhovskaya is one of five award winners in the newest Still Point Art Gallery exhibition: Still Point V. Bykhovskaya’s work is from her creative and provocative series: Jerusalem, Old City. Of the work, Bykhovskaya said she wished to capture the “singular atmosphere of the old city of Jerusalem.” The portfolio is made up of pairs of images, one containing the people of the city and one void of human beings, showing merely what is left in the absence of people. Set amongst a background of the old walls of Jaffa, the stark comparison between humans and their constructs as well as the black and white composition offer the viewer an ethereal, mysterious glimpse of how contrasting this famous city can be. 

Jerusalem, Old City, 1
Jerusalem, Old City, 2

Ekaterina Bykhovskaya was born in Moscow, Russia and currently lives in Strasburg, France. Her world travels inspired her to learn more about the art of photography. She took her first course several years ago at the London School of Photography. Since having taken that course, she has sought to focus less on making her photography about travel and more a way to convey her feelings and emotions surrounding her subjects. 

Bkhovskaya received the award: Best in Show-Portfolio. Her work, along with that of twenty-nine other artists, may be viewed until July 31 st in Still Point Art Gallery’s online exhibition: Still Point V.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Still Point V Opens

View the Exhibition

View the Exhibition VIDEO

One way of thinking about visual art is that the artist finds or discovers something--be it inside or outside of the artist--and, through art, holds it still. A photographer captures a moment in time with a click of the shutter and that moment is locked in stillness. A painter paints a scene using oils on canvas and that scene exists forever in a motionless state. A sculptor molds and shapes details of a human body, and that body stands frozen...never to age...never to change.

Still Point V is the fifth annual exhibition focused on exploring the things   that artists, through art, hold still.

Honored artists for this exhibition are:

Ekaterina Bykhovskaya, Best in Show—Portfolio.
Bykhovskaya is from Strasbourg, France.
The six images in the exhibition are from
her series, Jerusalem, Old City.

Anthony R. Whelihan, Best in Show—Single Image.Whelihan is from Plymouth, Minnesota.
His winning image is Latter Day Geisha .

BakerBobby Baker, Best Photograph or Digital Artwork.
Baker is from Brentwood, New Hampshire.
His winning image is Lineup.website
Barbara Greaux, Best Painting or Drawing.
Greaux is from Charleston, South Carolina.
Her winning image is Sunday Afternoon.

Julie A. Struck, Best Three-Dimensional or Mixed-Media Artwork.
Struck is from Rockport, Indiana.
Her winning image is Semesterland.

Each of these winning artists has the opportunity to show more of their work as Gallery Artists as well as the chance to have a portfolio of their work published in the Gallery's highly-regarded art and literary publication, Still Point Arts Quarterly. Be sure to enjoy the work of these artists in the Gallery.

This exhibition is highlighted in the summer 2013 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly. Read editor's remarks about this exhibition.

All artists selected to exhibit work in this show:
Leslie Anderson, Bobby Baker, Anna Belleforte, Benita Brewer, Ekaterina Bykhovskaya, Tom Chesnut, Bob Craig, Halina Domanski, Patrice Drago, Juan Escudero, Joyce Glasner, Jane Gottlieb, Barbara Greaux, Ralph Hassenpflug, Tom Hinkle, Linda Karlsberg, Freya Kazemi, Kristianne Koch Riddle, Susan Landor Keegin, Candace Law, Nan Liu, Gloria Matuszewski, Laurie McCormick, Tony Podue, Cheryl Rau, Julie Struck, Chris Taylor, Karla Van Vliet, Anthony Whelihan, Mayumi Yamakawa

Still Point V will remain a featured exhibition through July 31, 2013.