Thursday, March 21, 2013

Maya Gerr Wins for Best Painting

Still Point Art Gallery recently announced that Maya Gerr earned the award for Best Painting or Drawing in the current exhibition, Ordinary Everyday Objects. Her winning piece is Cabbages, a remarkable watercolor of both a green and a purple cabbage. The beautifully textured detail of the cabbage leaves contrasts and stands out from the more abstract, blurry background, perfectly executed in watercolor. The use of only two colors...green and purple...serves to simplify the painting and draw attention to the fine detail of the cabbages. A simple piece, but incredibly complex and sophisticated in its portrayal of cabbages.

Cabbages. 10 x 14 inches. Watercolor on paper.
Maya Gerr currently lives in Newton, Massachusetts. Gerr was born and educated in Moscow, where she received formal art training in painting as well as in tapestry construction and theater stage design. 
Gerr's love for painting began early in her life, but it was strengthened and enriched after spending a few years in Heidelberg, Germany, where she was constantly surrounded by landscapes and medieval castles that inspired artistic elements of German romanticism. Her paintings became more abstract and began to include more animal and plant elements when she came to live in the United States.
Abstraction now makes up a majority of Gerr’s work. Of her process, she says, “I always have a clear vision of the complete piece but introduce sudden notes as I go. I generally lead the painting, making it follow my vision, but sometimes it happens in reverse--the painting itself leads me in my work. This happens just like in a musical improvisation, where an almost accidental, unimportant note or chord suddenly creates in the composer's imagination a new move, which later unravels in front of us.”
Gerr’s work has been included in many exhibitions including Cambridge’s From Russia With Art exhibit, an exhibition at the Honan-Allston branch of Boston Public Library, Daniels Gallery in Brookline, Massachusetts, The Theatre Academy Museum in Moscow, and the Shalyapin State Museum in Moscow. She has had her work published in Breath of Wind by Dmitry Semynin, as well as in Contact Magazine of Boston and Stone Voices, a magazine that focuses on the connections between art and spirit.

Gerr’s work, along with that of twenty-nine other artists, may be viewed through April 30, 2013 in Still Point Art Gallery’s online exhibition.

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