Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Leyla Aysel Munteanu Awarded for Size 38

In Still Point Art Gallery's current exhibition, Ordinary Everyday Objects,  Leyla Aysel Munteanu received the award for Best Three-Dimensional or Mixed-Media Artwork for Size 38

Size 38. 24 x 20 inches. Mixed media.

Size 38. A shoe, a sports shoe, an ordinary everyday object. But, still, not just any ordinary shoe, a certain ordinary shoe, a size 38 shoe, mounted between the numbers "37" and "39" inscribed on the wall, and hanging by its shoestrings. An ordinary object that is anything but ordinary. 

Leyla Aysel Munteanu is a sculptor and mixed-media artist who currently resides in Windsor, Canada. She first became interested in art while growing up in Romania, and she was particularly inspired by the artwork of the Renaissance. As a growing artist, Munteanu developed a strong appreciation for diversity and texture in art from being exposed to the rich cultural history of the town in which she was raised. Of it she says, “every place was worn by time or human nature."

Munteanu earned a degree in engineering and then later earned a bachelor's degree in Fine Art and  Education from the University of Windsor and a master’s degree in Fine Art from Wayne State University. Her work has been featured in many publications and has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in the United States and elsewhere. 

Munteanu's work, along with that of twenty-nine other artists, may be viewed through April 30, 2013 in Still Point Art Gallery’s online exhibition.

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