Thursday, March 14, 2013

Irene Hill Shows the Best Photograph

Still Point Art Gallery recently honored Irene Hill with the award for Best Photograph or Digital Artwork. Her winning photograph is Fading Into the Past, which was chosen to be part of the Gallery's current exhibition, Ordinary Everyday Objects

Fading Into the Past

Hill's image is award-winning for several reasons. For one, Fading Into the Past is perfect for an exhibition of images of ordinary, everyday objects. What is more ordinary than a couple slices of white bread? Hill's compositional abilities are evident in her skillful arrangement of the bread, the bread bag with the words "Wonder," and the dark, empty space that suggests a feeling of gloom. The sharply focused foreground, which highlights the fine texture of the bread, contrasts perfectly with the blurry background. But there is much more here: within this composition, its subject, its texture, is a story. In 2012, Hostess Brands, the company that baked and distributed Wonder Bread, declared bankruptcy. Wonder Bread was originally produced in 1921 and, for decades, was practically a staple in most American homes. Millions of children were raised on Wonder Bread, and the colorful bread bag often brings back memories when spotted in a store. But, when Hostess Brands declared bankruptcy, it seemed that Wonder Bread was "fading into the past." (In January 2013, Flowers Foods acquired Hostess' bread brands; Wonder Bread will soon be in stores again.)

Hill speaks of her photography in this way:
For me, photography is a window into a deeper, more profound world. As a photographer I am  challenged to see more than superficial reality and to explore the beauty and design that exist beyond casual observation.

Hill's work, along with that of twenty-nine other artists, may be viewed through April 30, 2013 in Still Point Art Gallery's online exhibition

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