Thursday, January 03, 2013

Debra Houston - Still Point Art Gallery Artist of Distinction

Painter Debra Houston is one of three Artists of Distinction among the many artists in Still Point Art Gallery’s current online exhibition: Sacred Time - Sacred Space

A New Beginning
Almost Home

Houston, local to the Pacific Northwest, spotlights landscapes and street scenes in her dramatic and evocative pieces. With careful use of color and texture as well as thoughtful attention to the depiction of light and shadow, she strives to dramatically expose the essence of landscape and cityscape. Houston's work that is part of the Sacred Time - Sacred Space exhibition (above) provokes a sense of journeying or searching within the anonymity of the urban landscape. Lights guide the way of a lone figure carrying a red umbrella along city streets, through looming architectural elements that represent challenges and difficulties. This lone figure exists in sacred space . . . on a pathway . . . in sacred time . . . any time.

Of her work, Houston says:
I've always been intrigued by vivid colors and textures. Through countless hours of experimentation and practice, I have become a versatile artist depicting landscapes, cityscapes, and street scenes, abstracts and unique color studies.

Much of my recent work is done with both a pallet knife and a brush, which helps provide intricate detail while still leaving a lot of room for interpretation. I use oils and acrylics and paint on a variety of surfaces including canvas, board, and plexiglas.

When I begin a piece, I allow the paint and colors to move me. I don't typically have a carefully mapped-out plan for each painting, but rather just an idea or focal point that develops throughout the creation. An emotional interest is the true goal in my work. Creating a mood, reflection, wonder . . . something that allows the viewer to escape each and every time.

Houston's work currently hangs in both private and corporate collections throughout the Northwest.

Sacred Space - Sacred Time remains online through February 5, 2013.

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