Friday, November 30, 2012

Jill Valliere Named Artist of Distinction

Jill Valliere has been named an Artist of Distinction in Still Point Art Gallery’s winter 2012 exhibition, Sacred Time - Sacred Space. Her contributions to this show speak to the sacredness of space - a bog, a pond, a field - sacred spaces of nature. Yet Valliere captures these sacred spaces at the most sacred of times, when the bog is brilliant with color and glow and reflection (Brilliant Bog), when the field is shimmering from gold and silver bouncing off the grasses and flowers (Gold and Silver), and when the pond is drenched with the reddish rays of sundown (Sundown on Mason Pond). Sacred time perfectly merged with sacred space.

Brilliant Bog. 36 x 36 inches.
Mixed media. [enlarge]

Sundown on Mason Pond.
80 x 24 inches. Mixed media.

Jill Valliere was born in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1974. Her passion for art began at a very young age, and her desire to draw and create became an outlet for her and provided her with perspective and a freedom of imagination. Over time art grew into her life’s focus. In 1997 she began attending the Rhode Island School of Design where she studied Venetian plastering, figure drawing, and painting. Upon graduating with a degree in decorative painting, Valliere opened her own studio, Valliere Design Studios, working solo and in cooperation with other artists to create works of art for commercial spaces as well as residences. Her years of experience with decorative painting combined with her formal art schooling brought Valliere to the technique and vision she uses today in her fine art paintings. Her work emphasizes texture and captures the beauty of landscapes and other subjects through her distinct visual signature.

Gold and Silver. 36 x 18 inches. 
Mixed media. [enlarge]

My work is about capturing those surreal moments in life when you stop to look around at your surroundings and suddenly everything seems more vibrant, more ethereal. Some days it’s the power and energy of the scene and other days it is the all-encompassing calm and quiet that captivates.  

Valliere currently resides in Rockland, Maine with her husband and architectural designer Marcel Valliere. Sacred Time - Sacred Space remains a featured exhibition through February 5, 2013 and remains online through February 5, 2014. Valliere is represented by Harbor Square Gallery, Rockland, Maine.

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