Tuesday, November 06, 2012

EXHIBITION OPENING Sacred Time - Sacred Space

Still Point Art Gallery announces the opening of its winter 2012 exhibition: Sacred Time - Sacred Space.

The sacred manifests itself in time and space. Feasts, festivals, ceremonies, and rituals mark a return to sacred time, a separation from ordinary time, a time generally filled with excitement, significance, and transition. Temples, churches, shrines, and special areas in the natural world are sacred spaces, removed from our ordinary everyday environment, thus allowing us to focus on spirit—that which gives meaning to our lives. This exhibition explores the many expressions of Sacred Time and Sacred Space.   

Artists of Distinction for this exhibition are photographer John Brooks, painter Deb Houston, and mixed media artist Jill Valliere. As Artists of Distinction, these artists have the opportunity to show more of their work as Gallery Artists as well as the opportunity to have a portfolio of their work published in the Gallery's highly-regarded art and literary publication, Still Point Arts Quarterly. Be sure to enjoy the work of these artists in the Gallery.

Read editor's remarks about this exhibition.

All artists selected to exhibit work in this show:

Loretta Alvarado, Adam Amara, Grethe Angen, JB Basham, Stephen Beckett, Sabine Blodorn, Steven Bogart, Eldred Boze, John Brooks, Leah Brosig, Kimberly Callas, Ione Citrin, Kathy Conway, Stacy DeMott, Susan Dessel, Henrietta DuBois, Gary Engle, Al Gerk, Paul Hitchen, Deb Houston, Walt Hug, Margruite Krahn, Flo Li, James Macdonald, Cheryl MacLean, Elena Malec, Susan McCulley, Ronnj Medini, Tommy Nienaber, Tatiana Nikolova-Houston, Sheree Rasmussen, Sarah Rehfeldt, Suzan Scott, Hadass Shereshevsky, Harvey Spears, Marko Susla, Jill Valliere, Leon Vanella, Carolyn WarmSun, Teresa Young, Annette Zalanowski

Sacred Time - Sacred Space will remain a featured exhibition through February 5, 2013 and will remain online until February 5, 2014.

Christine Cote

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