Monday, August 06, 2012

The Texture of Gary Engle's Images

Obsessive Emulsion Disorder #17

"Texture is the most enduring and ubiquitous underpinning of form... certainly a calming, meditative and appealing world for both the eye and mind." 

These images, by Gary Engle, are from Still Point Art Gallery's current exhibition, Elements of Art: Texture

These images are appealing because of texture . . . the surfaces have a sense of being raised, pitted, bumpy, jagged, rough . . . like . . . 

engraved silver, 

porous rock, and 

frosted glass. 

In black and white, the pure contrast enhances the feel of the texture. Feel these images slowly with your eyes. Indeed "the eye and mind" will enjoy the experience.

Shadow Fracture

Christine Cote
August 8, 2012