Friday, March 16, 2012

Frank Baggett - Artist of Distinction

Daniel's Barn

Frank Baggett was recently named an Artist of Distinction in Still Point Art Gallery's exhibition: Spirit of Place-Spirit of Home. He also received a Portfolio Award and, as a result, will have a portfolio of his work published in the gallery's highly-acclaimed art and literary journal, Still Point Arts Quarterly.

Frank Baggett's work fits perfectly into this exhibition. His work is all about the spirit of place, the spirit of his home. The pieces in this exhibition are intimate portraits of buildings--homes, a barn, a church--set in their natural environment. These are weathered buildings--not fresh and new--but it is the weathering and aging that have allowed them time to soak up the spirit of their surroundings and develop their own spirit of place. You can feel this spirit come through in Baggett's work, through his marvelous sense of composition and color. He is a spirited artist, true to his place, true to his home. 

A Tennessee Homeplace
Frank Baggett is a Tennessean born in 1956. He is a nationally acclaimed landscape and wildlife artist with over thirty-four years of experience. With a major in art during his high school years and a scholarship to Austin Peay State University, Frank opted to join the United States Air Force and continued to paint during his tour at Norton AFB in San Bernadino, California. Painting had become a passion for Baggett, and after discharge from the USAF his impressionistic style was refined and became his trademark. Many of his works are displayed in art galleries in the United States and abroad. Frank has many mentors, including Robert Wood and Winslow Homer.

The Mystical Beechcreek Barn
All of my life I have had the pleasure to hunt, fish, see a sunrise, and enjoy nature's wonders of the world that I live in. I wish very much for my children's children to have the same pleasures from life as I have. The only way this will happen is for us to have concern for preserving what is before us now. Life is a gift, please do not take it for granted. 
Painting is the way for me to show what I have witnessed, experienced, and dreamed during my life. To me a blank canvas already has a story to tell, all I have to do is explain it by painting on it.  
The pieces in this exhibition are actual places in my community. Everyone needs a place they can call home, and every time I create one of these artworks, I imagine how life would be if I lived there. While painting these places..I am..."living" there.  
Daniel's Barn has special meaning to me, as this barn belongs to a personal friend of mine. The spirit of place can be felt..every time I walk into this barn. As a young man, I spent many days stacking hay in these old barns. 

A Tennessee Homeplace is an abandoned farmstead that was lived in for several years by farmers in the area. I painted this piece in remembrance of these folks that are part of our Tennessee heritage.

The Mystical Beechcreek Barn is an original Civil War relic that has been nestled in the backwoods for over a century near the Duck River in Tennessee. I wanted to capture the sheen of the sunlight hitting the reconditioned barn roof, giving the appearance of a mystical feeling. This barn still stands today, weathering the ages of time. I often visit this barn doing Plein Aire works, and every time I do there is a Spirit of Place!

Daniel. 24 x 18 inches. Acrylic. $1200
A Tennessee Homeplace. 10 x 8 inches. Acrylic. $700
The Mystical Beechcreek Barn. 14 x 11 inches. NFS

Frank Baggett's website

March 16, 2012

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