Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Exhibition Opening--Destinations: Famous Places and Intimate Spaces

I am very pleased to announce the opening of Still Point Art Gallery's online exhibition, Destinations: Famous Places and Intimate Spaces.
The artist travels the world with a sketchbook, an easel, or a camera. The artist wants to draw…paint…take the photograph! The artist travels the world for excitement, challenge, and inspiration…people, culture, architecture, landscapes, cityscapes, famous monuments, ancient ruins. So much to see…so much to absorb. The world's famous places...the world's intimate spaces. 
Our amazing artists have contributed to the creation of a unique and interesting exhibition, showing their views of places and spaces around the world. Truly, one of our finest exhibitions!      

Alexandra Chehy
Patmos Greece Side Street 


Artists of Distinction for this exhibition are photographer Ekaterina Bykhovskaya, photographer Ronnj Medini, and mixed media artist Marilyn Henrion. Be sure to enjoy their wonderful work in the Gallery and come back soon to read about them and their art here in this blog. These artists will have the opportunity to show more of their art as Gallery Artists beginning in November 2011.

Artists selected to exhibit work in this show:

Christine Bakke Bob Craig Marsha Hewitt Jerry Park
Michal Barkai* Paula Dixon Miriam Karp Davide Perella
Sabine Blodorn Monica Engeler Glenn Larsen Judy Reinford
John Brooks Michael Finley Catherine Leach Elizabeth Sheehan
Ekaterina Bykhovskaya George Gati Jessica Levant Jane Soodalter
Amy Bynum Matthew Gauger Nigel Lord Harvey Spears
Adriana Chanmala Valerie Ghoussaini Jim Lustenader Helen Sullivan
Alexandra Chehy Carol Gooberman Ronnj Medini Marko Susla
Ione Citrin Jane Gottlieb Frank Myers Ron Testa
Robert Bruce Clark Marilyn Henrion Timothy Paradise Carla Woody

*Featured in the July 2011 issue of Still Point Arts Quarterly

Destinations: Famous Places and Intimate Spaces will remain a featured exhibition through November 15, 2011 and will remain online until November 15, 2012. 

Still Point Art Gallery
August 10, 2011

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