Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Peggy Martinez--Distinctive Watercolorist

Still Point Art Gallery opened its show, "We can never have enough of Nature," last week and named three Artists of Distinction. One is watercolorist Peggy Martinez, whose paintings of flowers appear soft and delicate with folds and shadows in the petals and leaves that give them graceful shapes and an inviting appearance. As an Artist of Distinction, Martinez will have the opportunity to show more of her work as a Gallery Artist beginning in August 2011.

Artist Statement
My inspiration…

Art is the universal silent language, understood and interpreted by millions without an audible word. To see the different emotions and hear the different points of view from viewers is intriguing and stimulating to any artist. To understand why audiences prefer one painting over another feeds my creativity and passion to grow as an artist.

I have found that my strength emerges through my love for painting nature’s garden. The beauty and grace found in flowers and landscapes is never ending; they sustain my imagination with an infinite source of inspiration.

My art…

I enjoy expressing nature’s palette to emphasize my vision of textures and colors by painting a close-up point of view, which can be interpreted as abstract. I frame my work with or without glass. I enjoy experimenting with different surfaces, mediums and uncovering new ways to paint. Since, I have so many ideas and just never enough time to express everything I envision. The more I paint, the more my mind challenges my soul.

My yearning to teach…
Summer Blossom
A few years ago I attended a watercolor workshop with Arleta Pech at Dillman’s Resort in Wisconsin. She had urged us to bring any work we would like to have critiqued at the end of the last afternoon. I brought prints of my work. After she critiqued my prints, a few of the students turned around and asked me when they would be taking my workshop. I said: “Who me? Are you kidding?” I had never thought of teaching, but then on my way home I reflected on that workshop and the students' desire for my assistance and opinion. That was when I started teaching and doing demonstrations. I absolutely love teaching and sharing what I know. My students tell me that I hold nothing back and always have a fresh, new point of view. I am constantly reinventing and refining my classes to be the best I can. If I can help an artist move their artwork to a new level and build confidence with color, that would be my biggest satisfaction.


Peggy Martinez, originally from Rochester, New York, has lived in Rochester and Salinas, Puerto Rico. She attended Kutztown State College, in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, where she studied art. Martinez then went on to work in banking for twenty-nine years, mostly in management and corporate sales. During the summer of 2010, Martinez decided to leave the corporate world to pursue her passion for painting. She currently lives in a suburb of Rochester, New York with her husband and daughter.

Martinez is largely a self-taught artist and has attended many workshops with locally and nationally well-known artists. Among the artists are Arleta Pech, Tom Lynch, Zoltan Szabo, Lian Quan Zhen, Susan Webb-Tregay, and Don Getz. Since leaving her employer, Martinez has actively been conducting lectures, demonstrations, and teaching watercolor classes. She is affiliated with the Webster Art Club, Rochester Art Club, and Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society. She has independently coordinated non-instructional trips to Martha’s Vineyard and Chautauqua Institute for her own enjoyment and that of others who are passionate about painting.

Martinez' painting, training, management and marketing experiences have led her to teach watercolor classes for all levels, independent workshops and demonstrations for various Art Clubs and Guilds. Her goal is to expand her workshops on a national level, build a solid collection of artwork, and ultimately be represented by an Art Gallery. 


For more information about Peggy Martinez' art and workshops, please consult her website.

Iris I. 18 x 24 inches. Watercolor mounted on board. NFS
Exuberance. 24 x 36 inches.  Watercolor and acrylic. $1000
Summer Blossom. 24 x 12 inches. Watercolor mounted on board. NFS

Still Point Art Gallery
June 8, 2011

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