Monday, June 20, 2011

Maureen Zwier: Distinguished Nature Photographer

Nature Photographer Maureen Zwier was named an Artist of Distinction in Still Point Art Gallery's current exhibition, "We can never have enough of Nature." The three images she submitted for the exhibition are shown below. Each is a view of Nature that leans to the extraordinary, emphasizing the beautiful colors and designs of the natural world.


I photographed "Sunflower" in my backyard late one afternoon. It was one of those wonderful moments when everything fell into place. This particular bloom was a few feet below most of the other flowers on the plant. I laid on the ground and photographed the flower with leaves as the background. The backlighting from the sun just lit up the petals of the flower. I never noticed the red lines running through the petals until I looked at the image on my computer...what a pleasant surprise.

DreamScape I

"DreamScape I" is part of a series of photographs that have been manipulated to give a surreal feel to them. For this piece, I photographed the flowers and then added a slight blur to the image to give it a dreamlike quality.

Maureen Zwier was a microbiologist who decided to make a mid-life career change to become a photographer. She lives in St. Charles, Illinois. As an artist, she attempts to photograph subjects of nature that most people do not notice. This may involve capturing an image of an unusual plant or insect, or, photographing a common subject from an unusual perspective. Using creativity, artistry, and light, her intention is for the viewer to walk away from viewing her images with a new sense of wonder and appreciation for our native environment.

Sunflower. 19 x 13 inches. Color photograph. Framed, $330.
DreamScape I. 19 x 13 inches. Color photograph. Framed, $330.

Still Point Art Gallery
June 20, 2011

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