Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Alison Hoornbeek: Tumultuous and Tranquil

It is not unusual for me to be stopped in my tracks by images, and I was certainly stopped by these images: Alison Hoornbeek's submission to Still Point Art Gallery's current Still Point III exhibition. But there was something that happened inside me when I looked at these photographs...a unique response. I felt something. I heard something. But then there was silence. It was an amazing experience. Thunderous, yet silent. THUNDEROUS, YET SILENT. I felt and heard the loud thunder that emerges from these images...but then I immediately...simultaneously...sensed  stillness and silence.

An artistic achievement? Most certainly, and one that earned Hoornbeek the title Artist of Distinction for this exhibition. For indeed Hoornbeek has created Art.

Art is something which, although produced by human hands, is not created by these hands alone, but something which wells up from a deeper source in our souls.
    --Vincent Van Gogh

Splash 1                                                   Splash 2                                                    Splash 3
[Enlarge]                                                [Enlarge]                                                 [Enlarge]

These images are from a body of new photographic work that Hoornbeek is still editing. The series, entitled Tumultuous and Tranquil, embodies the energy of nature, which is simultaneously both tumultuous and tranquil. The vibrant force of energy present in all things, also known as Supreme Consciousness, takes many shapes and forms. In Hoornbeek's words:
In the midst of dynamic movement, profound stillness can be found. These images express my experience of stillness in motion, and the tremendous power inherent in the awareness of Supreme Consciousness. 
To me, waves represent the state of perpetual becoming, without a final destination to achieve. A wave crashing on the shore, merges immediately back into the Ocean from which it came. The water is at once an individual drop and one with the entire Ocean. So it is with us in our lives, we are at once individuals and inseparable from our own divine nature. We may feel battered as we arrive as individual drops on the shore, but it is for us to merge back into the wholeness of our true identities.
Alison Hoornbeek studied photography and film at Hampshire College in Massachusetts. After graduating, she spent many years photographing for non-profit organizations. This led her to spend a great deal of time in the Far East. Here she began to study the traditions and philosophies of eastern cultures. Her immersion in the culture, traditions, and philosophies of the East has affected her view of the world and the images she makes. Pursuing the tradition of Equivalence, she creates images that communicate the transcendent while using the imminent. Her current photographic work is a visual articulation of her understanding and experience of the ancient teachings she has studied. 

Alison lives and works as a professional photographer in the New York metropolitan area. She is an active member of the National Association of Women Artists and Soho Photo Gallery in New York City.

Splash 1
. 18 x 12 inches, archival pigment print, not framed, $350.
Splash 2. 18 x 12 inches, archival pigment print, not framed, $350.
Splash 3. 18 x 12 inches, archival pigment print, not framed, $350.

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May 3, 2011

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