Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Still Point Art Gallery Opens "Still Point III"

I am very pleased to announce the opening of Still Point Art Gallery 's online exhibition, Still Point III 

Bob Craig, Goldfish.

One way of thinking about visual art is that the artist finds or discovers something - be it inside or outside of the artist - and, through art, holds it still. A photographer captures a moment in time with a click of the shutter and that moment is locked in stillness. A painter paints a scene using oils on canvas and that scene exists forever in a motionless state. A sculptor molds and shapes details of a human body, and that body stands frozen...never to age...never to change.

Still Point III is the third annual exhibition focused on exploring those things that artists, through art, hold still.

Artists of Distinction for this exhibition are Bobby Baker, Bob Craig, Alison Hoornbeek, Erdmut Lerner, and Ann Salk Rosenberg. Enjoy their remarkable work in the Gallery and come back soon to read about them and their art in this blog. These artists will have the opportunity to show more of their art as Gallery Artists beginning in June 2011.  

Artists selected to exhibit work in this show:
Bobby Baker
Pat Goltz
Richard Barrett
Carol Gooberman
Cheryl Rau
Darren Baylor
Lisa Graham
Elise Rorick
Anne Bevan
Sue Green
Ann Salk Rosenberg
Alison Hoornbeek
Ashley Shellhause
Pery Burge
Stuart Kerner
Pamela Soldwedel
Gail Butler
Doris King
Jane Soodalter
Alexandra Chehy
Sassoon Kosian
Daniel Sroka
Ione Citrin
Linda LaRose
Marko Susla
Bob Craig
Candace Law
Michelle True
Joanna Dur
Erdmut Lerner
Cathie Tyler
Monica Engeler
Armin Mersmann
Regina Valluzzi
Scott Erickson
Cella Neapolitan
Mayumi Yamakawa
Rick Faas
Mark Nutt
Maureen Zwier

This exhibition will remain a featured exhibition through June 14, 2011 and will remain online until June 14, 2012.

Bob Craig, Goldfish. Mixed media, 18 x 24 inches, $400.

Still Point Art Gallery
April 6, 2011

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