Monday, April 11, 2011

Bobby Baker - Black and White Silence

Bobby Baker was honored with the title of Artist of Distinction for the work he submitted and is showing in Still Point Art Gallery's current exhibition, Still Point III. The exhibition is showing four of Baker's pieces, but my favorite is Morning Calm. This photograph shows how little is needed to create a beautiful and amazing image; and, while there is very little in this photograph, one can also say that there is so much in this photograph. There are so few physical elements...the horizon, a hill, a boat and its shadow. There is, of course, a lack of color. There is even a lack of shades of gray, being basically a black boat, a light gray backdrop, and a medium gray horizon and hill. But the photograph says so much with so little. The photograph has tremendous spirit and depth. It speaks...with silence. It surely says different things to different people, but, without question, this photograph speaks. A beautiful and amazing image.

Bobby Baker, Morning Calm

Bobby Baker describes his experience of taking this photograph in this way:
Early one summer morning on Cape Cod, I came across a town landing between Chatham and Orleans….walking the beach, the only sounds I heard were of birds and the lapping of water from the morning’s tide…the serenity was all consuming, a peacefulness that nearly lulled me into not taking the shot, but instead to just be a part of the morning. What first caught my eye was the single sail boat anchored alone, and the slight line of land in the distance behind it – nothing more. That image alone seemed to describe the entire feeling of this morning, so calm, a morning calm.
Bobby Baker’s work is shaped by his ongoing love of seaside life. The Caribbean, Mexico, and the Florida Keys have all served as inspiration for his work, but the driving force for his creative eye remains Cape Cod; so much so that his work for the past several years has been almost entirely shot on the Cape.

Baker began his journey into photography in the 1980s as an assistant/intern to a Palm Beach, Florida event photographer. Over the next several decades his camera work was interrupted several times by a music career, then a successful business career. For the past three years his work has flourished with the ongoing mentorship of renowned fine art photographer and Copley Society of Art, artist and board member, Judith Monteferrante.

While recent work includes images from other locations on the Cape, Chatham is at the center of Baker’s work and has been the subject of several exhibition-featured images. He finds the lighting on the Cape to be special, citing the soft, warm light of the setting Cape sun to be, at times, so lush, you want to wrap yourself in it, and the early morning Cape light to be magical.

Over the past several years Baker’s work has been juried into numerous gallery exhibitions in Newburyport, Marblehead, and Cape Cod. Beyond these exhibits, his photographs have been featured in newspapers, websites, calendars, a book released late 2010, and are included in private collections. Bobby received national award recognition in the Fine Art Photography category of the prestigious 2010 The National exhibit at the Cape Cod Art Association. This show featured juried work from artists across the U.S. He was also one of a select group of artists to have multiple pieces of work juried into the 2010 All New England exhibit at the Cape Cod Art Association, and again received award recognition. Baker’s photographs were featured this past June in a solo show, First Encounter, in the Hooper Mansion Gallery of the Marblehead Arts Association.

Baker is a juried artist in the Fine Arts of the Cape Cod Art Association, a juried artist member of the Marblehead Arts Association, an artist member of the Plymouth Guild for the Arts, and is represented by The Second Hanging, New York City.

Morning Calm. Black and white photograph, 22 x 13 inches, unframed, $400.

As an Artist of Distinction, Bobby Baker will have the opportunity to show more of his work as a Gallery Artist beginning June 2011.

Still Point Art Gallery
April 11, 2011


  1. love this photo ...the quietness, serenity and peacefulness...calming...we all need this in our hectic lives..perfect.

  2. Love, love, love it! Well done Bobby!

  3. Superb! It invites contemplation and stillness -- simply perfect for Still Point gallery.