Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Still Point Art Gallery Opens "Still Life: Ordinary and Extraordinary"

I am very pleased to announce the opening of Still Point Art Gallery's online exhibition, Still Life: Ordinary and Extraordinary.

A still life. A vase filled with flowers, an apple or pear, some books, feathers, a teapot, candles. Maybe a stuffed bird. Inanimate objects. A bottle of perfume, a cell phone, a water bottle, children's toys. Maybe even cheap sunglasses or fake diamonds. The inanimate objects of our lives...the ordinary and the extraordinary objects of our lives...to honor, to preserve...to hold still...to remember, to venerate.

B. Andrew Valliere. Mums.

This is a beautiful show...one to cherish. Many of the images are of ordinary objects that we all see and touch in our day-to-day living. All of the images are extraordinary expressions of honor, remembrance, reverence, and gratitude. A show to enjoy slowly. A show during which to experience the power of objects. 

Artists of Distinction for this exhibition are Linda Pearlman Karlsberg, Marko Susla, and Ranjini Venkatachari. Enjoy their remarkable work in the Gallery and come back soon to read about them and their art in our blog. These artists will have the opportunity to show more of their art as Gallery Artists beginning in April 2011.

Artists selected to exhibit work in this show:

Lisa Smith Arnold
Christine Søvig Gilbert
Michael Pointer
Peter Azrak
Margaret E. Harnois
Bruce Shores
Richard D. Barrett
Linda Pearlman Karlsberg
Sue Skitt
Barbara Lee Black
Stuart Kerner
Jane Soodalter
Sandra Bos
Linda LaRose
JHelen Sullivan
Marilyn Burch
Yeoun Lee
Marko Susla
Alexandra Chehy
Su Legatt
Barbara Tolkin
Ione Citrin
Diane E. Leifheit
Diana Torres
Bob Craig
Jessica Levant
Michelle True
Marie Dancy-Brennan
Cheryl MacLean
Jamie Valdez
Irina Dorofeeva
Janet Marroquin
B. Andrew Valliere
Jasna Dragun
Tina McCurdy
Ranjini Venkatachari
Brenda Ferguson
John R. Neeson
Laura Yang
Jacek Fraczak

Maureen Zwier

This exhibition will remain a featured exhibition through April 19, 2011 and will remain online until April 19, 2012.
B. Andrew Valliere. Mums. 72 x 36 inches. Oil on canvas (triptych). $3500.

Still Point Art Gallery
February 9, 2011

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