Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Call to Artists: Rhythmic Sensation-Visual Sensation

Still Point Art Gallery announces that submissions are now being accepted for its next online exhibition: Rhythmic Sensation-Visual Sensation.

Rhythm is all around us - in music, in poetry, in patterns of speech, in architecture, in nature. Rhythm is within us - our hearts beat, our lungs take air in and let air out, our running feet hit the ground in a set pattern. This exhibition explores the ways that rhythm is part of visual art...the rhythm that is created by pattern, repetition, and movement...and formed by line, color, shape, and texture. Artists are invited to submit compositions that use these elements to create rhythm, giving the viewer the opportunity to experience rhythmic sensation and visual sensation.  

The deadline for submissions is November 22, 2010. More details about submissions, along with the entry form, may be found here.

Still Point Art Gallery
October 28, 2010

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