Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Photographer George Gati Named Artist of Distinction

Still Point Art Gallery has named George Gati an Artist of Distinction for work he is showing in its current exhibition, Global Lifestyles: Cities, Towns, Villages. The idea behind this exhibition is to draw attention to the vast and magnificent range of what we can see around the globe...natural and man-made structures, people, customs, ways of living.

Photographer George Gati brings us to Morocco and provides images that give us a genuine feeling for life in Morocco. Five of his photographs are included in the exhibition; three are shown below.

Laundry hanging out of windows...the large stucco-sided apartment building facing the bright hot sun of midday
[Larger Image]


A simple street scene...street made of stone or brick...an ancient and decaying wall...a traditionally-dressed woman selling merchandise...two men in western caps resting next to a colorful, dilapidated wagon
[Larger Image]

A man pushing a cart near a large residential complex...the desert literally meets the front door of the building...the hot sun beats down on the scene creating a contrast of very bright areas and very harsh shadows 
[Larger Image]

For much of his life, Gati worked as an engineer. It was not until he retired that he had the opportunity to seriously pursue his long-time interest in photography. Gati is mainly a self-taught photographer, but realizes that learning is an ongoing process. He constantly reads about photography, studies photographs, and attends as many exhibitions as possible. He writes photography exhibit reviews and frequently judges contests for photography clubs.

Gati believes that the world around us is a fascinating place. As an engineer working in research and development for many years, Gati's sense of observation and composition had been well developed and finely tuned. He particularly values finding and taking pictures of those scenes that most people would walk by without even noticing. These are the scenes that often make amazing photographs. This is the magic of photography...the magic of Gati's photography...creating wonderful images that enable others to SEE what is typically unnoticed or taken for granted.

Drying Clothes, archival digital pigment-based print, 20 x 16, not framed, $225
Street Scene, Morocco, archival digital pigment-based print, 16 x 16, not framed, $225
Somewhere in Morocco, archival digital pigment-based print, 16 x 13, not framed, $195

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
September 29, 2010

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