Thursday, September 09, 2010

Pat Hobaugh's Bodies

Artist Pat Hobaugh is showing three paintings in Still Point Art Gallery's current exhibition, True Artist. The exhibition was inspired by these words of Henry David Thoreau: He is the true artist whose life is his material.

These three paintings are from Hobaugh's Bodies series. Ten pieces in all, this series perfectly fits the theme of the True Artist exhibition as the material inspiring the work clearly came from his life. In Hobaugh's words:

My figurative work is a personal reflection on the human experience of sorrow, anxiety, fear, doubt, pain, and longing that accompany the event of a health crisis. These paintings represent the experience that my wife and I went through during her recovery period after colorectal surgery, wherein the universal emotions listed above are symbolically expressed on the canvases. The realist rendering of the figures reflects the reality of the situation’s effect on the body. The exaggerated proportions of the heads further reflect how thoughts and mental processes become distorted and deteriorated in such a situation. The backgrounds are mental projections, painted in gray flattened colors to further separate them from the figures. They represent memories and possibilities, which are both reality and enigma. The plants are symbiotic parallels of the figures, which are links between the reality of the figures and the surreality of the backgrounds.

[Larger Image]                                                  [Larger Image]                                                 [Larger Image]

(above, left to right)
Dream of better lives, the kind, which never hate, 36 by 36, oil and acrylic on canvas, $1500
I'll stop the world and melt with you, 36 by 36, oil and acrylic on canvas, $1500 
Moving forward using all my breath, 60 by 60, oil and acrylic on canvas, $2000

Still Point Art Gallery
September 9, 2010

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