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Hadass Shereshevsky Named Artist of Distinction in "True Artist" Exhibition

I so enjoy the work of Hadass Shereshevky. I can easily get lost looking at her images...feeling every bit of the line and texture...and reveling in the overall creation. The word "primordial" comes to mind when I spend time with the pieces by Shereshevsky showing in Still Point Art Gallery's latest exhibition, True Artist. The vague and abstract figure, the wonderful rich texture, the dark lines that seem somewhat uncontrolled and without purpose, and the simple color palette all work together to connect with the viewer at a very fundamental level...the level where we take root and give birth...the level where all that we are originates...the level of our primordial self. Shereshevsky's images have such energy that they draw in the viewer and then leave the viewer in an entirely different spiritual and mental place. That's my experience. These are really wonderful pieces.

Following Van Gogh Series 4, 2, and 3
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Let's hear Shereshevsky's own words as she talks about her work:

Artist Statement

A work of art for me is a kind of “emergence of the soul.” In order to express myself in an art form, I make a move inwards—and from there create the journey forwards. I enter the regions of the absolute and gradually return to the world of living reality.

It always begins with touch: myself--touching life. Something that receives and emits incessantly. “It’s as though it happened to me like this;” it emerged from me, and yet some force did this to me. I was the channel through which this force acted. To sense the world as transparent—a sensation which sometimes astounds me—how is it possible?!

In the process of creating art, there exists the desire to detach oneself from the world, to withdraw into oneself, to negate oneself totally, to transmit sensations of want by disappearing. I go backwards to the dead spot, to the early stages, and I turn the process into the language of signs that are the paving-stones of creativity. I translate what I have undergone into a forward communication system, into an artwork. This is the very core of the artistic experience.

And with the work of art, comes the renewal, the rebirth: like the legendary phoenix. For after the absolute disappearance, new life is always born.

Hadass Shereshevky speaks about the Following Van Gogh series 

The series "Following Van Gogh" is a sequel to my two series of artworks "Shadows between Curtains" and "Exile and Wanderings." Using techniques that combine photography, drawing and reproduction, I explore questions about the fate of man within the existential reality of the world.

In this series, I interlace photos of the local landscape (near my home) with transformed excerpts from Vincent Van Gogh's work, The Painter on his Way to Work (July 1888). Van Gogh's wandering figure appears as a lit-up shadow that records an unceasing journey through the material world. As a reproduced contour shape, the figure has lost its individuality. It has become anonymous, surviving because it has gone beyond time and place. The image moves forward, whether due to persistence or because of its burning curiosity and impulse to remain in existence and try to uncover the new light just waiting around the corner. Perhaps that will satisfy to some extent the urge to discover, to glimpse the tomorrow that is surrounded by translucent curtains. 


Hadass Shereshevsky was born in Israel and studied art at Kalisher High School of Art in Tel Aviv and at the Midrasha Art Teachers College in Kfar Saba, Israel.
Shereshevsky has taught art at the Talpiot Teachers College, the Amit Technology College in Tel Aviv, and the Midrasha Art Teachers College in Kfar Saba, Israel.

Shereskevsky has been awarded numerous gallery opportunities and prizes for her artistic accomplishments, some of which are: Art Periscope (2008); The ARTROM Gallery (2008); the Norwegian International Print Triennale (1999); Petah Tiqwa Department of Education (1997); and Art Addiction (1997, 1996—silver and gold medals). 

Among her numerous solo exhibitions have been: Bet Gabriel, Tsemach (1999); The Country Club, Herzelia (1997); Nama Arts, Tel Aviv (1993); and Israel Painters and Sculptors Association, Tel Aviv (1982). 

She has participated in group exhibitions in Israel and abroad: Strassen Kunst, an international exhibition of work inspired by graffiti, Virginia, USA (2010); IconData World Prints, Cracow (2005-2010); Internet IBienniale 1 – 2009; Ein Hod Gallery, Israel (2009, 2010); Infinity Art video installation, Tel Aviv (2009); IMPRINT 2008, Warsaw (2008-10); International Print Triennial Society, Cracow (1997, 2000/3/6/7/9); The Institute Museum & Gallery, Macedonia (1997, 2000/3/6/7/9); Infinity Art, Israel (2008); Art Periscope – International Internet Artwork Competition, Poland (2007/8); ARTROM Gallery, Rome (2008); Synergy Group, Foundry Art Centre, Missouri, USA (2007/8); Tallinn Print Triennale, Estonia (1998, 2004/7); The Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2006); Tel Hai, Israel Museum of Photographic Arts (2000/6); International Biennale Exhib., Taipai, Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan (2001); Sapporo International Print Exhibition, Japan (2000); Norwegian International Print Triennale (1999); Kalmania, Kfar Saba (1998/9/2004); Art Addiction, Stockholm (1996/7).

Following Van Gogh 4, 2, 3 (6 x 8) color digital print, not framed, $630 each
Still Point Art Gallery
September 1, 2010

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