Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Still Point Art Gallery Opens "True Artist" Exhibition

Still Point Art Gallery opens its late summer exhibition, "True Artist."

For the artist...the "true artist," art is a way to be with one's self...a way to find and explore the pieces of one's self and the essence of one's self. Art allows one to question the unquestionable, speak the unspeakable, and attain the unattainable. For the "true artist," life draws meaning from art, and art draws meaning from life.

For this exhibition artists were encouraged to submit works that are enmeshed with their lives...works that hold the artist's joys and sorrows, stories and secrets, reflections, musings, and passions. Artists did just that. I hope you will agree that this is a BEAUTIFUL show...filled with art that is deep and rich and memorable. 

Artists of Distinction for this exhibition are Cyndy Carstens, Hadass Shereshevsky, and Singway Wang. Be sure to view their amazing art in the exhibition. Also, keep your eye on this blog for upcoming articles about these artists and their work.

Other artists showing work in this exhibition are:
Thomas Acevedo Susan Gainen Esmeralda Ruiz
Antoine Faddoul Carol Gooberman Valeria Rzianina
Peter Azrak Lisa Graham Kelly Speier
Stephen V. Beckett Jody E. Hewitt Andrea Stewart  
Martin Blanco Patrick Hobaugh Aswati Subramanian
Kathy Brown Sassoon Kosian Linnea L. Tober 
Nick Byron Annette Labedzki Eliza Lynn Tobin
Pauletta Chanco Benita Lane Peter Treiber
Manihoo Chang Linda LaRose TT Tung
Ling Ling Cheng Regine Legler C. Dianne Williams
Ione Citrin MoMo Lin Remy Woods
Robert Bruce Clark Maria Losch Jian Ye
Nik S. Clements Susan Karlin Meador John Zajac
Jasna Dragun Dewi Puspasari

This exhibition will remain a featured exhibition through October 12, 2010 and will remain online until October 12, 2011.

Fallen Flowers are Not Senseless, Singway Wang (26x22) acrylic on paper, framed, $1600
Following Van Gogh 4, Hadass Shereshevsky (6x8) color digital print, not framed, $630
Solitude, Cyndy Carstens (20x20) oil, $670

Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
August 11, 2010

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