Friday, August 27, 2010

Singway Wang Named Artist of Distinction in "True Artist" Exhibition

One of my many enjoyments at Still Point Art Gallery is the opportunity to show several works by the same artist. Since the Gallery is exclusively online, I do not have to worry about wall space, so I have the capacity to show a small series or collection from one artist. Very often, the work of an artist becomes clearer or sharper when more than one piece can be seen. A piece takes on a different character when it is seen with other pieces; a collection can say more about an artist than a single piece.

Such is certainly the case with the work of Singway Wang that is showing in Still Point Art Gallery's True Artist exhibition. The exhibition opened on August 11 and will remain a featured exhibition through October 12, 2010. Wang was named an Artist of Distinction in this exhibition. Singway is showing seven works in the exhibition; four are shown below.

Approaching Spring, Awakening Aroma   |   Heroic Spirit Outside the Great Wall

The Gentleman of the Other World   |   Beyond the Cave

The rich texture of these pieces, executed in acrylic on paper, is so appealing and so amazing. Especially viewed as a collection, the textural element in this work draws in the viewer and holds the viewer's attention. The viewer is so taken with the beauty, pattern and visual feel of the texture, but eventually the viewer wants to look beyond the texture and sees, very faintly, a man, flowers, horses. The texture is created by rectangular shapes that appear to be bricks. Sometimes the bricks are background...sometimes they serve as frames...background and frames to another world beyond. Singway says this most beautifully in her artist statement.

A Brick Wall Series - Artist Statement

Bricks are simple and natural and are the material and tool of creation. Bricks are common objects in people’s daily lives; however, this young artist takes a different view to bring out different artistic conceptions - creating piece after piece of artworks with bold and unrestricted themes and content.

Through the seemingly finite brick wall, the infinite space for imagination was presented. Within the cold brick wall, the splendid world of sentient beings was presented. Singway Wang’s works break the general, typical concept on the materials used for artistic creation, bringing to viewers a refreshing visual effect.

Out of her keen observation, Singway Wang found abundant images and patterns displayed in nature, inspiring her to directly reproduce the texture of natural objects coupled with various artistic themes in her creations. Her way of depicting the real world and nature imbues a unique lively energy into Singway’s works.

“A Brick Wall" was created using a rubbing technique to give it the distinctive feature of Chinese ink painting. By rubbing bricks over painting paper she makes the main body of the work – a brick wall. While a brick wall is usually associated with “closed area” or “ending,” Singway uses brick walls to open up a new window and scenery for viewers. In her works, the brick wall is the main body and yet each brick seems to have a unique individuality for its own distinctive pattern. Through the keen observation and creativity of the artist, the patterns or lighting of the bricks allow viewers the infinite space for imagination.


Born in 1978 from parents who were public servants, Singway Wang grew up in a small town in northern Taiwan called Yingge. Yingge is quite a famous township specializing in the production of pottery and porcelain. Surrounded by pottery-making studios and workshops, Singway enjoying watching craftspeople draw all kinds of images on the ceramic wares. In her childhood, clay, beautiful mosaics, and junk pottery were her favorite toys and precious collections. She immersed herself in this artistic environment until she left for Taipei for her college education.

Singway graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University with a major in philosophy and minor in history. This educational background prepared her for perceiving things always from multiple and dynamic points of view. Singway first began creating in her early twenties. Her current endeavor as an artist is to explore different media or forms of expression that can best illustrate her true self—her philosophic reflections on the vicissitudes of life or simply the pure and beautiful feeling from her innermost self.

Approaching Spring, Awakening Aroma (36 x 24) acrylic on paper, framed $2500
Heroic Spirit Outside the Great Wall (36 x 24) acrylic on paper, framed $2500
The Gentleman of the Other World (24 x 36) acrylic on paper, framed $2500
Beyond the Cave (24 x 36) acrylic on paper, framed $2500

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
August 27, 2010

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