Friday, August 27, 2010

Singway Wang Named Artist of Distinction in "True Artist" Exhibition

One of my many enjoyments at Still Point Art Gallery is the opportunity to show several works by the same artist. Since the Gallery is exclusively online, I do not have to worry about wall space, so I have the capacity to show a small series or collection from one artist. Very often, the work of an artist becomes clearer or sharper when more than one piece can be seen. A piece takes on a different character when it is seen with other pieces; a collection can say more about an artist than a single piece.

Such is certainly the case with the work of Singway Wang that is showing in Still Point Art Gallery's True Artist exhibition. The exhibition opened on August 11 and will remain a featured exhibition through October 12, 2010. Wang was named an Artist of Distinction in this exhibition. Singway is showing seven works in the exhibition; four are shown below.

Approaching Spring, Awakening Aroma   |   Heroic Spirit Outside the Great Wall

The Gentleman of the Other World   |   Beyond the Cave

The rich texture of these pieces, executed in acrylic on paper, is so appealing and so amazing. Especially viewed as a collection, the textural element in this work draws in the viewer and holds the viewer's attention. The viewer is so taken with the beauty, pattern and visual feel of the texture, but eventually the viewer wants to look beyond the texture and sees, very faintly, a man, flowers, horses. The texture is created by rectangular shapes that appear to be bricks. Sometimes the bricks are background...sometimes they serve as frames...background and frames to another world beyond. Singway says this most beautifully in her artist statement.

A Brick Wall Series - Artist Statement

Bricks are simple and natural and are the material and tool of creation. Bricks are common objects in people’s daily lives; however, this young artist takes a different view to bring out different artistic conceptions - creating piece after piece of artworks with bold and unrestricted themes and content.

Through the seemingly finite brick wall, the infinite space for imagination was presented. Within the cold brick wall, the splendid world of sentient beings was presented. Singway Wang’s works break the general, typical concept on the materials used for artistic creation, bringing to viewers a refreshing visual effect.

Out of her keen observation, Singway Wang found abundant images and patterns displayed in nature, inspiring her to directly reproduce the texture of natural objects coupled with various artistic themes in her creations. Her way of depicting the real world and nature imbues a unique lively energy into Singway’s works.

“A Brick Wall" was created using a rubbing technique to give it the distinctive feature of Chinese ink painting. By rubbing bricks over painting paper she makes the main body of the work – a brick wall. While a brick wall is usually associated with “closed area” or “ending,” Singway uses brick walls to open up a new window and scenery for viewers. In her works, the brick wall is the main body and yet each brick seems to have a unique individuality for its own distinctive pattern. Through the keen observation and creativity of the artist, the patterns or lighting of the bricks allow viewers the infinite space for imagination.


Born in 1978 from parents who were public servants, Singway Wang grew up in a small town in northern Taiwan called Yingge. Yingge is quite a famous township specializing in the production of pottery and porcelain. Surrounded by pottery-making studios and workshops, Singway enjoying watching craftspeople draw all kinds of images on the ceramic wares. In her childhood, clay, beautiful mosaics, and junk pottery were her favorite toys and precious collections. She immersed herself in this artistic environment until she left for Taipei for her college education.

Singway graduated from Fu Jen Catholic University with a major in philosophy and minor in history. This educational background prepared her for perceiving things always from multiple and dynamic points of view. Singway first began creating in her early twenties. Her current endeavor as an artist is to explore different media or forms of expression that can best illustrate her true self—her philosophic reflections on the vicissitudes of life or simply the pure and beautiful feeling from her innermost self.

Approaching Spring, Awakening Aroma (36 x 24) acrylic on paper, framed $2500
Heroic Spirit Outside the Great Wall (36 x 24) acrylic on paper, framed $2500
The Gentleman of the Other World (24 x 36) acrylic on paper, framed $2500
Beyond the Cave (24 x 36) acrylic on paper, framed $2500

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
August 27, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cyndy Carstens Named Artist of Distinction in "True Artist" Exhibition

Cyndy Carstens has been named an Artist of Distinction in Still Point Art Gallery's latest exhibition, True Artist. Carstens is showing three pieces in the exhibition, but it is her wonderful work, Solitude, that really struck me. It brings back memories for me of growing up in San Diego. In those days I would throw out a towel or a chair and soak up the warmth of the sun and the sand. At certain times of the day or days of the year, the long beach would be quite sparsely populated, and it would be easy to find solitude while listening to nothing but the rhythmic sound of the waves. It was glorious. All of that is in this piece by Carstens; it has certainly touched my spirit.

But there is so much more here than a chair on a beach. Carstens' beautiful combination of cool and warm colors brings a surprising sense of warmth to this beach scene and a feeling of completeness. In addition, Carstens has a unique way of dividing her pieces into sections or blocks, which promotes a very strong sense of harmony and balance in her work.  In Solitude, the three main sections are the sky, the water and the sand. Along with these distinct sections, horizontal and vertical bars of color are used in the piece, and they not only add interest and color, but they also contribute to this sense of harmony that seems so important to Carstens' work.

A very important part of this painting is tiny and almost unnoticeable -- the figure walking along the shoreline. Solitude would be a very different painting without the figure. The figure is very small, slightly transparent, almost ghostlike, the same color as the water. The figure is not well defined, so it could be anyone the viewer wants it to be. The figure is walking out of the scene, away from the chair, away from the viewer, into solitude, into peace.

** ** **

Artist Statement

The purpose of my work is to inspire and foster a sense of hope and healing. Over the last few years, while caring for my ill mother, I have learned much about the brevity of life, the sanctity and dignity of death, and how important it is to heal our wounds in the present. My paintings are a reflection of living, dying and healing. The expansive skies represent an ultimate freedom of the soul tempered by images beckoning sensations of breath and struggles, rest and trials. Feathers are a favorite image as they can elicit a capacity for hope. Emily Dickinson wrote,

“Hope is the thing with feathers –

That perches in the soul –

And sings the tunes without the words –

And never stops – at all.”

Composition and color are the basis of my large-scale paintings, capturing the eye with striking swathes of energy. However, it is the imagery and use of multi-layered color bars that exude an essence of solitude and compassion – simple yet complex – personal yet universally understood.

I sincerely believe bodily death is not the end of life, but a new beginning. My perspective is only unique in that I have been given the spiritual gift of illustrating my emotions, scars, joy, healing and hope on canvas.


Born in Minnesota, Cyndy Carstens currently lives and works in Phoenix, AZ. She won her first art competition at 6 years old – a summer scholarship at the Minnesota Art Institute.

The driving passion of pursuing art affected her life from that day on. She works in a range of mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media. Her work has won a number of awards and competitions including The Chairman’s Award at the Peoria Arts Council Annual Juried Exhibition, The Wichita River Festival Poster, and several Arizona Artist Guild Excellence in Painting Awards.

Carstens' work has been featured in many exhibitions throughout the U.S. including Manhattan Arts International’s “The Healing Power of Art”, NY. Exhibiting in 15 to 20 juried competitions a year, she has procured a number of one-person exhibitions at Alta Space of Phoenix, The Windmill Gallery of Scottsdale, Gallery Nineteen of Phoenix and the West Valley Art Museum, Surprise, AZ.

Cyndy Carstens has been honored to speak about her work in a number of venues including the West Valley Art Museum, “Coffee with the Artists” at the Windmill Gallery, the Payson Art League and the Alzheimer’s Institute and Consortium. She and her paintings have been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles over the years, and she has appeared as a special guest to discuss her work on local news programs including KSNW Daily News Show, KTVK Good Morning Arizona and KAZ-TV AM Arizona.

Solitude (20 x 20) oil, $670.

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
August 18, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Still Point Art Gallery Opens "True Artist" Exhibition

Still Point Art Gallery opens its late summer exhibition, "True Artist."

For the artist...the "true artist," art is a way to be with one's self...a way to find and explore the pieces of one's self and the essence of one's self. Art allows one to question the unquestionable, speak the unspeakable, and attain the unattainable. For the "true artist," life draws meaning from art, and art draws meaning from life.

For this exhibition artists were encouraged to submit works that are enmeshed with their lives...works that hold the artist's joys and sorrows, stories and secrets, reflections, musings, and passions. Artists did just that. I hope you will agree that this is a BEAUTIFUL show...filled with art that is deep and rich and memorable. 

Artists of Distinction for this exhibition are Cyndy Carstens, Hadass Shereshevsky, and Singway Wang. Be sure to view their amazing art in the exhibition. Also, keep your eye on this blog for upcoming articles about these artists and their work.

Other artists showing work in this exhibition are:
Thomas Acevedo Susan Gainen Esmeralda Ruiz
Antoine Faddoul Carol Gooberman Valeria Rzianina
Peter Azrak Lisa Graham Kelly Speier
Stephen V. Beckett Jody E. Hewitt Andrea Stewart  
Martin Blanco Patrick Hobaugh Aswati Subramanian
Kathy Brown Sassoon Kosian Linnea L. Tober 
Nick Byron Annette Labedzki Eliza Lynn Tobin
Pauletta Chanco Benita Lane Peter Treiber
Manihoo Chang Linda LaRose TT Tung
Ling Ling Cheng Regine Legler C. Dianne Williams
Ione Citrin MoMo Lin Remy Woods
Robert Bruce Clark Maria Losch Jian Ye
Nik S. Clements Susan Karlin Meador John Zajac
Jasna Dragun Dewi Puspasari

This exhibition will remain a featured exhibition through October 12, 2010 and will remain online until October 12, 2011.

Fallen Flowers are Not Senseless, Singway Wang (26x22) acrylic on paper, framed, $1600
Following Van Gogh 4, Hadass Shereshevsky (6x8) color digital print, not framed, $630
Solitude, Cyndy Carstens (20x20) oil, $670

Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
August 11, 2010