Monday, May 10, 2010

Anselm Skogstad - Artist of Distinction in American Portraits Exhibition

Still Point Art Gallery is  extremely fortunate to be showing photographs by Anselm Skogstad in its latest exhibition, American Portraits: Diversity in Our Land. In terms of subject, Skogstad's three photographs are exactly what this exhibition is about...people from different backgrounds...positioned in different places in life's journey...some have lived their lives and some have life still ahead of them...but all contribute to the larger community. Each portrait represents a person who contributes their particular voice and their particular gift to the whole. Artistically, these photographs are amazing...superb compositional quality, very well framed, the tonal range of black and white is perfect. These images brought me to a stop. I've seen these people. Most of us have seen these people. Some of us know these people. You might even be one of these people. Part of the community...part of the whole...part of the American Portrait.

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American Portrait: Untitled 1-3 (2005-2006)
silver gelatin prints
5 x 4, edition of 10, $480
58.5 x 44, edition of 5, $2100
117 x 88, edition of 3, $7800

Anselm Skogstad is a German-American artist living and working in New York City. He was born in 1983 in Starnberg, Germany. Throughout his work, Skogstad creates images, which often implement multiple layers using mixed media, although he insists to stay away from any digital manipulation throughout all of his work. He “customized” his education choosing both, schooling and practical experience. Skogstad attended courses at the International Center of Photography, the School of Visual Arts and the San Francisco Art Institute. His practical experiences with his mentor Christopher Makos and his traineeship with David LaChapelle turned out to be a great match for his goals to gain the most suitable education. Since 2005, he has had solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe and the United States. Future exhibitions of Skogstad’s work, scheduled through 2011, will be on display in Berlin, Leipzig, Munich, San Francisco and New York among others.

Skogstad has had a very successful exhibition schedule since 2005, as can be seen below. 


2010    “Abstracts From Above”, Trump World Tower, UN Plaza, New York, NY
           "New York City, 2.25$ - Unlimited Ride", G5 Kultur, Munich, Germany
2009    “Inside The Conference Room”, Brock Capital Group, New York, NY  
           “NYC Subway (2005 - 2008)”, KIM, Berlin, Germany
           “Unities”, Nörr Stiefenhofer Lutz, New York, NY
           “Studio Exhibition”, New York Studio, New York, NY
           “NYC Subway”, Raum für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Zurich, Switzerland
2007    “New York Photographs”, The Empire State Building, New York, NY


2010    “American Portrait: Diversity In Our Land”, Still Point Art Gallery, Brunswick, ME
           “Zu Besuch Bei CONNEX”,    CONNEX, Halle, Germany
           ”SMaLL”, Corden|Potts Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2009    “Third Invitational Art Show”, The Heart & Soul Charitable Fund at Reidy Friendship Hall, New York, NY
            “Zu Besuch Bei CONNEX”,    CONNEX, Leipzig, Germany
            “Innen//Aussen//Innen”, Tapetenwerk, Leipzig, Germany
            “Art Bazaar”, Lyons Wier Gallery, New York, NY
2008     “Portraits of Women”, Jeannie Freilich Contemporary, New York, NY
            “Objects of Desire II”, Sundaram Tagore Gallery, New York, NY
2006     “Fragments of Contemporary Urban Life”, San Francisco Istituto Italiano di Cultura, San Francisco, CA
2005     “18 Jahre Galerie-Geburtstag”, Galerie Ilka Klose, Würzburg, Germany
            “6 In The City”, Galerie Ilka Klose, Würzburg, Germany
            “Fragments of Contemporary Urban Life”, Sala d’ Ercole, Palazzo d’ Accursio, Bologna, Italy


2010     “Subway-Show”, Kultur Kalendar Mai 2010, VOGUE (Deutsch), Condé Nast Verlag GmbH, Munich, German
            “Panoptikum des Lebens in der U-Bahn”, May 3rd 2010, Abendzeitung, Munich, Germany
2008     Dresdner Musikfestpiele, Dresden, Germany
            Süddeutsche Zeitung (Portrait of David Rockefeller), New York, NY
2007     Entertainment Industries Council Inc. & AstraZeneca International, New York, NY
2006     “Kloster Vinnenberg – WarteRäume” hardcover book published by Dialog Verlag, Münster, Germany
2005     “Project Happy at Hunter College”, a nonprofit physical education program for people with disabilities, New York, NY


Jennifer Gassmann, Curator, Zurich, Switzerland
Philipp Gutbrod, PhD, COO of Villa Grisebach Auctions Inc, New York, NY
Dr. Jürgen Wurst, Curator, Munich, Germany

Still Point Art Gallery
May 10, 2010


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