Monday, March 29, 2010

Thomas Hinkle - Classic Maine Painter

Maine artist Thomas Hinkle paints classic Maine landscapes, and he does it beautifully. A small sample of his work is showing in Still Point Art Gallery's current show - THE Painting Exhibition. Three of his works are shown below.

If you have never been to Maine, Hinkle will show you exactly what you are missing...the crashing waves, the rocky shoreline, the pine trees, the sand, the ocean, the horizon, the sky that changes color with the weather. Spend some time with Hinkle's paintings and you will soon not only see Maine, but also hear Maine and smell Maine. It's all in his paintings. And if you've been to Maine, or you live in Maine, Hinkle's works are a pleasant and beautiful reminder of a truly remarkable place that some of us are lucky enough to call home.

Homer's Rocks

Way to the Beach

The Little Cove

Homer's Rocks (30x20), oil on canvas, framed, $1200
Way to the Beach (18x14), oil on canvas, framed, $800
The Little Cove (30x20), oil on canvas, framed, $1200

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
March 29, 2010

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