Monday, March 01, 2010

The Simple Side of Geometric Abstraction

I am hearing many wonderful comments about the Geometric Abstraction exhibition currently showing at Still Point Art Gallery. Thank you to all who have viewed and enjoyed the exhibition. The art in this amazing show is about design, pattern, and shape...symmetry and asymmetry...complexity and simplicity...repetition and disruption. 

Color...there is also lots of color. But some of the most interesting pieces have no color - they are simply back and white. Two pieces that I find particularly interesting are Peter Azrak's Blue Moon and David Sunshine's Simplicity.

A blue moon is the second full moon to occur in a single calendar month, and given the interplay of the 28-day lunar month and the 30- or 31-day calendar month, a blue moon occurs about once every two to three years. Azrak's Blue Moon is a photograph of the blue moon that occurred in December 2009. Geometric? Of course. Also, an amazing photograph. The extreme brightness of the circular moon and the very gradual fading of the aura into the black night sky make this a remarkable and beautiful photograph. It is utterly simple - no color, really only a single white disc against a black background. But this photograph has a draw upon the mind and soul that can be felt. Spend some time with this piece and you will see what I mean. 

Then there is David Sunshine's remarkable piece titled, Simplicity. Photographers need a good eye for seeing things in their world. Photographers create a composition of what they see within the confines of the square or rectangle of their viewfinder. To compose Simplicity, David Sunshine saw two walls, a ceiling, and a floor like no one had ever seen them before. He arranged it all in his viewfinder to be just the way he wanted, and what he saw was captured forever. In my opinion, Sunshine's photograph is a masterpiece. With Simplicity, he cut through all of the complexity that often comes with geometric art and presents another view...the essence - a few simple shapes offered in shades of gray. There is energy in this piece...so much energy, yet it is all so simple.

Blue Moon by Peter Azrak (18 x 18), photography, not framed, $720
Simplicity by David Sunshine (20 x 16), photography, framed, $650

Still Point Art Gallery
March 1, 2010

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