Friday, March 26, 2010

Marilyn Henrion Uses Fabric to Compose on Many Levels

When you look at a quilted piece by Marilyn Henrion in the virtual world, you want to run your hand along it to feel the texture created by the stitching. You know you're looking at the image on a screen, but you still want to feel the fabric and the texture of the quilting. So, since you are in the virtual world, you have no choice but to imagine the soft, smooth feel of the silk fabric and the orderly peaks and valleys created by the quilting stitches. Close your eyes and you can sense just what the piece must feel like.

Henrion is showing six of her fabric creations in Still Point Art Gallery's current show Geometric Abstraction. Three of these are shown below. Look carefully at the individual pieces of fabric that form the overall design of each piece. Follow an individual piece of fabric down and around to where it meets other pieces of fabric. Look at the stitching patterns...sometimes vertical lines...sometimes horizontal lines...sometimes wavy lines that carefully follow the curve of the piece of fabric. Sometimes the stitching is a playful and interesting design that draws attention all by itself. Then there are the colors...big, bold, and expressive. What is wonderful is that Henrion composes on so many levels...line, shape, color, texture, rhythm. Indeed, each of her pieces is a perfectly orchestrated symphony.

Innerspace 10, Disturbances 8, Innerspace 11

In Henrion's words:
Much as a poet employs words to convey an emotion or idea, I use color, line, and form to create metaphorical images that are meant to resonate, being both themselves and something they may suggest to the viewer. Paying homage to traditional textile forms and hand needlework techniques, I transform them into works of art that reflect contemporary sensibilities. . .  The hard edges of geometric abstraction are softened and humanized by the irregular qualities of texture inherent in the materials and construction techniques.

Innerspace 10 (40x40), pieced silks-hand quilted, $5,000
Disturbances 8 (67x65), pieced silks-hand quilted, $15,000
Innerspace 11 (40x40), pieced silks-hand quilted, $5,000

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
March 26, 2010

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