Monday, March 15, 2010

Lyubov Momot Awarded Third Place in THE Painting Exhibition at Still Point Art Gallery

Lyubov Momot was awarded the Third Place Gallery Award in THE Painting Exhibition for her work, Sunset. The abstract quality of this piece, the masterful use of color on the buildings and in the sky, the sense of rhythm attained by the placement of the buildings, and the visual tension or interruption created by the tall spires..all combine in a composition that is truly wonderful. I so enjoy looking at this piece.

After years of exploring various methods of painting, including her own unique technique of painting on silk, Momot's favorite medium is oil. Comparing it to acrylic, for example, Momot says that it is much more rich and versatile. It gives me more freedom of expressing myself, especially when I strive to capture the hidden mystery of seemingly common things in order to reveal their inner life.

Even though I love scumble in oil, for my Sunset I've chosen thick impasto layers of paint, more corresponding to that unique, inspiring scene. I've been a painter by nature - as long as I can remember. For me, painting means being in my element - it allows me to immerse myself in that fantastic state of mind -somewhat disturbing, yet comforting at the same time! As Picasso put it, "I begin with idea and then it becomes something else." And that's what I love about painting: improvisation...the thrill of the unknown. Art is the way to the heart of all things. I cannot even imagine my life without painting - they have been inseparable.


Lyubov Momot was born and educated as a fine artist in Ukraine. She graduated from Republican Art School in Kiev with a B.F.A. in painting. She went on to Lviv Academy of Arts to graduate with a M.F.A. in decorative arts and textiles. Momot's artwork has been exhibited and acquired in both Europe and the United States. Momot now lives in Chicago.

Sunset (24 x 10), oil on cardboard, $2950

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
March 12, 2010

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