Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hosana Bezerra Makes a Mighty Statement

One of the fascinating things about the current exhibition at Still Point Art Gallery is seeing the many varied ways that artists offer their expressions of geometric abstraction. Not only are there many different media represented - painting, photography, ceramic, wood, and many more - but there is such variation within each individual medium.

 Harmony of Power  -  Colored Grates  -  Ethnic Equilibrium

Hosana Bezerra's expression of geometric abstraction takes the form of large acrylic paintings...lots of bold, strong color...geometric shapes that are solid and unmistakable...an overall design that is mostly symmetrical yet not at all predictable...a presence that is substantial and fearless. His pieces are large - several feet at each dimension - making the color seem even stronger and the shapes even more unmistakable. As with all great artists, however, there is much more here than color and shape. At Bezerra's hand, all of this comes together to create pieces that show enormous power and strength, courage and fearlessness. This Brazilian artist makes a mighty statement with his work...a statement encompassing both passion and grace.

See more of Hosana Bezerra's work in the Geometric Abstraction exhibition.

Harmony of Power (40 x 60), acrylic over canvas,  $6750
Colored Grates (48 x 30), acrylic over canvas, $4590
Ethnic Equilibrium (30 x 48), acrylic over canvas, $4590

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
March 3, 2010

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