Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Call for Artists - American Portraits - Diversity in Our Land

Still Point Art Gallery invites submissions for its upcoming online exhibition: American Portraits: Diversity in Our Land.
Great achievements are not born from a single vision but from the combination of many distinctive viewpoints. Diversity challenges assumptions, opens minds, and unlocks our potential to solve any problems we may face. --Unknown
This exhibition will celebrate diversity in America through the genre of portraiture. Artists are encouraged to think about diversity in America in its broadest sense - ethnicity, race, age, class, religion, and gender...also occupation, national or regional origin, hobbies and interests, regional customs and lifestyles, and more...much more.
To add to the celebratory nature of this exhibition, the Gallery is looking into a variety of opportunities that will put this show before the public. In other words, the Gallery is looking into ways to turn this show into public art. To begin with, the Gallery will assist artists whose work is accepted for the exhibition in getting their work displayed in their local libraries, city or town office buildings, or community centers as part of what could be a national public art exhibition. Other opportunities will be posted as they become finalized. We welcome ideas for making this exhibition a public art exhibition.

Dates and Deadlines
April 19, 2010 - Submissions Close (Deadline)
May 5 through August 10, 2010 – Exhibition (Online)
After closing as a featured exhibition on August 10, 2010, 

American Portraits will remain online through August 10, 2011.

For more information please read the exhibition prospectus.

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
March 16, 2010

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