Monday, March 22, 2010

Artist Linda Murray Uses Technique Called Decalcomania

Most of us....well, all of us look at trees by looking at the middle and top portion of the tree...the part with leaves or needles. But Linda Murray, who has two fantastic pieces in Still Point Art Gallery's THE Painting Exhibition, has spent a lot of time looking at the very bottoms of trees.  And it turns out that the lowest part of the tree, where it merges with the ground, is really beautiful and quite interesting. That's the part of the tree that Murray has spent time studying and painting. And it just so happens that tree trunks and bottoms are not all the same. Each is very different, very unique...it's as if each carries its own personality. Each is very worth looking at, very worth painting.

The subject is not the only unique aspect of Murray's work. Her technique, called decalcomania, is also quite unique. Murray begins each of her paintings by covering the surface with clean water. Watercolor, gouache or acrylic is then applied to the surface, allowing the pigment to mix and blend. Next, plastic wrap is applied and manipulated to achieve the desired texture. The subject of the image determines just how the plastic is manipulated. This application is allowed to dry. Once dry, the plastic is removed and the resulting image is further developed. 

Friends (49x39), watercolor and gouache, framed, $2795
New Dawn (50x54) watercolor and gouache, framed, $3950

Still Point Art Gallery
March 22, 2010

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