Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Isabelle Hope Grahm Named Artist of Distinction in Geometric Abstraction Exhibition

Still Point Art Gallery opened its Geometric Abstraction exhibition on February 10, 2010. Isabelle Hope Grahm was named an Artist of Distinction for her contributions to this show - Virtue Oz City and Some Sum More. Grahm's work is wondrous - intricate, sophisticated, inviting, and engaging. Virtue Oz City is a symphony of color and shape...layers and layers of colors and shapes that match and merge and harmonize to create a masterful composition. The colors of Some Sum More are pure delight, and the shapes...the geometric shapes (more or less)...offer such amusement as they seem to move and meander against the bright backdrop. 

Virtue Oz City, Some Sum More

Christine Cote: What led you to become an artist?
Isabelle Hope Grahm: I began before age 2, (really). I can only say I was born that way, the same way
the color of my eyes or other genetic predispositions were seemingly engineered without my involvement. I consider being born as an artist a GREAT gift. Sometimes, in addition to this immeasurable congenital gift, extremely lucky external circumstance can line up in such a way, one finds one's self able to nurture and cultivate this treasure.

CC:Could you say something about the pieces you are showing in this exhibition?
IHG: Some Sum More denotes an arithmetical equation. This also refers to the amount I usually want in any given circumstance. The abyss of desire as it were. I love the math of this piece and the whimsey of those cherry squares. It does dance ever so much more when viewed in person. There are subtle notes of blues, violets and other metallic pearl-essence that are impossible to photograph, as well as array of golds that we haven't found a way to convey in this computer medium of display. 

CC: How has your style evolved over time?
IHG: i will leave that up to the observers, collectors and critics to evaluate.

CC: From where do you draw inspiration? What inspired the pieces in this show?
IHG: Virtue Oz City is really anything the individual viewer decides it is. When I look at it, it seems to be an aerial view of an extraordinary city that may exist several thousand years in the future, and perhaps on another planet. The obvious pun in the title also gives one some clues as to what this quasi Utopian city may hold for its inhabitants. Again this painting truly must be seen in person to appreciate the nuance of the topography of this piece. The subtle arrangement of textural surface distinctions must be viewed up close with the human eyeballs.

CC: Is there anything you would like people to know about you or your art?
IHG: I consider it a noble privilege to be allowed to continue to paint. I continue to remain deeply appreciative for this life that allows me to create these works.

Artist Statement

Examining life’s flow, diverse shapes compel me to express them utilizing various lines and colors. Placing these elements on a canvas, displaying a visual representation of my own inner state at any given moment, as well as a slice of a view I have observed or experienced involving human interactions within the whole of our phenomenal manifestation.

Form and color being utilized as a language to translate these mysterious human behaviors and incidents. Sometimes these images conjure some sort of pattern in this seemingly random and chaotic reality. This appears to be pointing at some structure.

One common denominator in this highly subjective process does cross barriers in subject/object perspective. The viewer entering on an individual plane of subjectivity is also invited to transcend that individual subjectivity and experience the painting/tableau from a vantage point of pure and impersonal objectivity. Seeing and identifying this one thread can access of a ‘’third view’’ leading one to catch a glimpse of the lynch pin of our humanity, the very substratum of all that is.

Virtue Oz City (60 x 36), acrylic on canvas, $4000
Some Sum More (60 x 36), acrylic on canvas, $4000

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
February 10, 2010

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