Monday, February 01, 2010

Final Week for The Serious and Playful Sides of Light

Still Point Art Gallery's current exhibition - The Serious and Playful Sides of Light - will close next week on February 9, 2010. In this, its final week, I encourage you to take another look...or perhaps your first look. There is much to see.

Every piece in the exhibition shows how an artist handles light...and there are many different pieces and many artists. But light doesn't exist by itself, so the exhibition also shows how artists handle the things that tend to accompany light...darkness, shadow, shade, silhouette, reflection, glow, radiance. All of these present great challenges for artists. So, as you browse the exhibition, think about light. Look at how each artist approached the depiction of light. I think you will be amazed!

Identity, by Angela Young

I have said before that I learn something from every exhibition. I spend a great deal of time with each image and a lot of time just thinking about the artwork and writing about some of the pieces. Eventually, I like to try to find the big picture...the gestalt. Sometimes it just comes to me, and at other times I have to think about it for a while. With this exhibition, I concluded something very early on when I was first looking at images. What I learned is that from the artist's perspective there is no serious side to light. It's all play.

For quite some time, I'd look at an image and ask myself, "Does this represent the serious or the playful side of light?" My answer was always, "playful." It doesn't matter where or when or under what circumstances, light dances and bounces, light shines and twinkles, light illuminates and reveals. Light itself is an artist as it draws shadows and causes colors to change. Light...it's all fun...it's all play.

Finally, do not leave this exhibition without seeing the three pieces by Robert Gilbert. We see light, glow, illumination, shadow, darkness...and a whole lot of playful fun! ...but then again perhaps Gilbert is shining light on some very serious subjects...

Shovel, Rope, Saw, by Robert Gilbert

Identify (22 x 16), Angela Young, Stone Lithography, $650
Shovel, Rope, Saw (18 x 24), Robert Gilbert, Digital Photo Print, $200 each

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Christine Brooks Cote
February 1, 2010
Still Point Art Gallery

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