Monday, January 25, 2010

Suzanne Gonsalez Uses Photography to Reflect on Simple Things

One of the wonderful aspects of the current exhibition, The Serious and Playful Sides of Light, online at Still Point Art Gallery, is that, although every piece in the show is about light (and darkness), the approach that each artist takes to present light is unique. Of course, this is always the case, no matter the exhibition. An artist's art, by definition it seems, is unique and distinctive. But it is so wonderful to see uniqueness in this show. In The Serious and Playful... exhibition, it seems that the array of unique pieces were composed and created out of the artist's relationship with light. One artist might feel that light is most lovely when it is shy and retiring. Another might appreciate light for its ability to give us bold and beautiful color. Yet another might most enjoy the interplay of light and dark. And yet another might relish light's reflective qualities. Different relationships...different compositions.

At the End of the Day I, II, III

Suzanne Gonsalez contributed three photographs to the gallery's exhibition. Of simple subject matter - plates, bowls, spoons, and forks - they bring to mind shared meals, family, friends, household matters, feelings of warmth and intimacy. Gonsalez says that these images are meant to be reflections on the simple things we do at the end of a typical work day. The three photographs in this exhibition are part of a series called, At the End of the Day.

Gonsalez' relationship with light appears to be one of enjoying both light and darkness, so she intentionally uses both light and shadow to create an intended result...in this case, simplicity and intimacy. Gonsalez says the following about the series:
At the End of the Day is a series encompassing the meditative qualities of light on the domestic scenes we all reflect on at the end of our day. Small, simple details of daily existence that keep us grounded in our hectic lifestyles. Using the concept of chiaroscuro lighting, these images reflect upon the beauty in simple, everyday events that play up the idea of light, form and texture. The illuminating factors of light and shadow help to create a sense of intimacy that is shared with the viewer.

At the End of the Day I, II, III (14 x 10) Archival Pigmented Ink-Jet Print, Framed $500 (each)

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
January 25, 2010

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