Tuesday, January 19, 2010

ABSTRACT Geometric Shape from the Real World

The snow is coming down quite heavily in Brunswick, Maine today, much the same as it did yesterday. I love the look of the white stuff. I like to see where snow lands...in all the crevices and cracks, on the tiniest of branches and pine needles, or piling up in mounds on rocks, fence posts, and roofs. I had the chance yesterday to get out on my snowshoes for a walk in the woods and decided it was a great day to take my camera. The conditions were just right and I was in the right frame of mind for seeing...and I see best when I have my camera. When I have my camera and I'm on the lookout for composition, I see the world around me better. I find myself completely focused on what is around me. I look at the visual world in front of me and think of nothing else. The camera is my tool for seeing.

So what did I see? Geometry! I spent all of yesterday morning processing submissions for the upcoming exhibition, Geometric Abstractions. So, I was seeing geometric shapes everywhere I looked! But, geometric shapes indeed are everywhere we look! A couple of trees lined up a certain way in relation to the snow-white ground...a triangle! Various small branches intertwined against a background of snow...several triangles! A brown flower top that has bent around to form a circle! Snow resting on some old wire fencing...rectangles! Then it hit me yet again...AB-STRACT' geometric shape from the real world. That's why geometric abstraction is so interesting and appealing to me. It's right in front of us...we just have to see it.

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Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
January 19, 2010

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  1. Hi! what a real geometric abstraction curator...
    I am a abstraction paiter but too late for this news! should check out your blog more often.
    good luck with the show!