Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Call for Artists - Geometric Abstraction

Geometric Abstraction ... 
Ever since I had the idea to do this show, I've been anxiously waiting to see the entries for this one. I LOVED geometry in high school. I doodle in geometrical shapes and designs. I've been doing fiber art creations for many years that involve geometrical designs. A few years ago, though, I decided to (perhaps temporarily) only create designs with 90 degree angles. Stitching tiny triangles by hand was making me crazy! But I also wanted to see how much wonderful stuff I could do without the evil triangle. It was actually a very liberating thing to do. I learned that making decisions like that...however silly or arbitrary they seem...can have an interesting impact upon one's art. Either open a door or close a door for a while and see what happens. 

So, anyway, Still Point Art Gallery invites submissions from emerging and established artists for its upcoming online exhibition: Geometric Abstraction. This should be lots of fun!
Geometry - squares, triangles, circles, ellipses, cones, cubes, and polygons ... length, area, and volume. Geometry frames our world and shapes our world. It brings order, organization, balance, symmetry, and asymmetry to our surroundings. Geometry is used by carpenters and astronomers as well as theoretical mathematicians. The concept of geometry is so simple and appealing that even young children seem to intuitively draw squares and circles and rectangles. Yet the concept of geometry is so complex that mathematicians and physicists may spend years studying applications and theories of one tiny aspect of geometry. Then there is the artist. When an artist's unique view .. of the world, of the self ... incorporates geometric shapes or focuses on natural or man-made geometric shapes, the result may be an amazing display of shape and color. Geometric abstraction can be daring, imposing, powerful, stark, complex, bold, or rhythmic.

The exhibition opens February 10 and closes April 6, 2010. The deadline for submissions is January 25, 2010. For all the details and the entry form, you'll want to go here.

Christine Brooks Cote
Still Point Art Gallery
January 5, 2010

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